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At some point after the delectable sachertorte and flustering moment with Sebastian, I fell asleep once more. It was a gentle kind of sleep, one where I couldn't help but wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Slowly rising from my bed, I swung my legs over the side. Basic white sheets were strewn this way and that; a result of my careless slumber.

I checked the time on the clock sitting beside the bed. 10:30PM. Had I been sleeping all day? I called for my fiancé by ringing the bell that would sound in the kitchen.

Only moments later, there was a knock at the door. Then, a figure entered.

Silky raven hair, brilliant crimson eyes, and a broad chest to boot, Sebastian was pure perfection in all of it forms.

"You rang, my dear?" His voice, low and sweet rang out.

I nodded, "I wanted company. Being locked up is no fun at all whatsoever!"
"My my, you're quite fussy now, aren't you?" Sebastian smirked, pupils dilating for a split second.

I raised my eyebrow in question at him. What did he mean, "fussy?"

I pouted, whimpering softly. "I'm not fussy... Just lonely..." I admitted shamefully.

"Then you must want company? Should I send someone to tend to you?"

"Sebastian, I love you, but you might be more inept than you let on." I sighed, rubbing my temples in exhaustion.

A shit-eating grin found its way to Sebastian's face. "I know, darling. It's me you want, and me you shall receive. I can't trust anyone else with my wife, now can I?"

I groaned, then flopped back into my bed. Sebastian strode towards, then sat cautiously down at my side. He made sure to remove his shoes, then laid properly next to me.

On instinct, I grabbed onto him, treating him as a body pillow. He returned the embrace I had pulled him into, and even nuzzled closer. I could have swore I heard him purring.

For the millionth time that day, I fell fast asleep, in the arms of the man I loved so dearly.

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