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He began by peppering chaste kisses all over my face. After each kiss, he'd sing of his affection for me, or praise me. Both had managed to boost my self-confidence and ego. That was the sweet, syrup-y thick love he gave me. Doused in sugar, so strongly, undoubtingly sweet.

As the heat between us began to rise, he would nip and suck at my neck. Slowly, he would move lower to my collar bone, sending shivers and pleasant shudders down my spine. This was where it began to get spicy.

With great care, he would begin to help me strip of my clothing. Ever so slowly, long slender fingers would work the buttons of my casual blouse, like they had depended upon it.

"Sebas... Hurry..." I had whined, unable to bear the heat rising up.

In response, I heard a shaky breath. Those meticulous hands began to falter and give in to the butler's true emotion; impatience.

"Y/n, I want this to be special... It is our first time, after all." Sebastian spoke softly, that hint of sweet coming back up once more to soothe the burn of the spice. I had longed for both sensations.

I nodded to Sebastian's request. This should be special. It had to be, otherwise it would just end up as a sex crazed night, and not making love as it needed to be. 

Some moments later, I had ended up completely bare, save for baby pink frilled undergarments. It seemed as though Sebastian took a liking to them, as he hadn't looked away for quite some time. I began to grow self-conscious.

"Do... Do you like it...?" I managed to squeak out, turning a vivid shade of red.

"So much that I'd like to take them off with my teeth... Would that be alright?" His crimson eyes sparkled, hoping he would have his way.

Me, being the most reasonable girl ever, allowed Sebastian to do as he pleased.

Needless to say, the night continued passionately, and it replayed over and over in our minds the next day. We couldn't look at each other and keep a straight face.

A/n: Ahh, I know it might feel like I jipped y'all with this, but this is just a preview. The good stuff will happen in a real chapter.

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