Chapter 6

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Back at the Phantomhive manor, absolutely everything was chaos. Servants bumbling around, Ciel shouting orders that didn't exactly make sense, and Sebastian throwing out lectures left and right.

"Mister Sebastian! Where is Miss Y/n?!" Mey-Rin shouted worried.

"Don't fret, she's safe at a "friend's" manor." The tall butler responded.

Of course, the Phantomhive clearly did not view the Trancy as friends, nor anything even the slightest bit close to the term. They weren't even acquaintances. The two boys absolutely hated each other's guts. They got under one another's skins like it was an everyday game, just desperate to be won by one or the other, but instead, would keep going until one of them surrendered.

At the Trancy manor, however, things were absolutely peaceful and serene now that the brat had his favorite maid back.

"Y/n, would you please get me a cup of tea?"

Bowing, I responded. "Yes, your highness." And I was off and out of his study.

This whole situation was utterly and completely bizarre. Never had something like this happened. Except... for when I first arrived at the Phantomhive manor. They made it seem as though I had been there for ages... And like it was nothing new for me to be there. That's exactly how Alois is treating this. Well, whatever.

I felt a gloved hand pull me. A hand cover my mouth. This again?! This time, no. It wouldn't happen. I ripped the hand from mouth and forcefully turned around, only to see Claude with a knife in his hand.

"Shit!" I shouted and attempted to run. But he pulled me back. Why the hell is so strong?!

He came closer and closer, the blade of the cooking utensil pointed straight at me. "I won't let you take Alois from me, Witch."

"Wh-What..?! I don't want that little brat?! What the hell?!"

"How dare you speak of Your Highness in such a manor?!" The butler came hurdling towards me.

I thought of just letting him kill me. Until my lungs and mouth acted on their own. "Sebastian!" I shouted.

Why? Why did I have to shout HIS name?!

Well, in any case. Things went dark. Real dark. All I heard were the sounds of pain and crying. Then the lights came back.

"Miss Y/n, I believe you called?" The voice rang out.

To be continued!

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