Chapter 5

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The new year came and went, just like that. Sebastian seemed to not pay it any mind. But I, on the other hand, absolutely adored the new year. So did Finnian and Mey Rin. I'm not so sure about Bard yet, though. He seemed excited. But anyways! Ciel gave us a day off to enjoy ourselves. And it was great.

Letting out a sigh, I walked down a flight of stairs and got ready for work that day. I heard a loud crash, and various screams. What could be going on?

"Hello? What's going o--" My mouth had been covered, and then I blacked out.

I woke up in a foreign area. Again. But, it seemed vaguely familiar here.

"Oh, Claude hush! She's waking up!" A voice hissed.

My eyes had fluttered open by now, and I was greeted by numerous new faces. A young boy with blonde hair and blue eyes, an adult male who had black hair and wore glasses over a pair of yellow eyes, a maid(?) with long lavender hair and an eyepatch, then a set of triplets who also, had a shade of purple for their hair; they were all male.

"Uhm... Where am I...?" I whispered looking at these people, extremely confused.

"Oh, you don't mean to tell me you don't remember us?! How cruel, Y/n! You're at the Trancy manor, where I, your master, Alois Trancy lives!" The blonde boy shouted loudly. He seemed to be quite the opposite of Ciel.

"Okay... What am I doing here again, now?" I asked once more.

"You're my favorite maid, so you work here." Alois emphasized 'favorite.'

This seemed like fun...

A/n: Short chapter is short but oh well back to Trancy yes. K bye.

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