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Waking up in this foreign place, I got up. I was placed on a bed in what looked a servant's room. There was a picture of a young boy with an eyepatch over his left eye in the room.

"Finally awake, Miss?" A voice... It was familiar.

I spun around to see the raven haired man from my bizarre dream.

"I-It's you...! From my dream...!" I shouted and pointed at him.

"Come now, it's not polite to point or shout." He spoke with a slight smile stretched across his face. Now that I get a better look at him, he sure is handsome.

"And I am certainly not from any sort of dream. Have you really lost your memories?" He tilted his head.

"Wh-Who are you...?!" I raised my voice even louder.

"I said it was impolite to shout." The raven haired man walked closer to me, then forcefully pinned me down on the bed, his eyes now a glowing shade of magenta as he glared at me.

I began to tremble. The man was very strong. Almost as strong as Claude was. He also seemed very... Short tempered.

"Wh-What are you doing...?" I blinked and spoke in a normal tone.

At that moment, he let go of me and stood up. I sat up, my e/c eyes shaking with horror.

"You really must not remember, y/n. Well, in any case, you are one of the maids here. You serve Ciel Phantomhive alongside myself, Sebastian Michaelis, Finnian the gardener, MeyRin, one of the other maids, and Bardroy, our chef." He stated now calm.

"Wait a minute! I thought I was Alois Trancy's maid..?" I was confused.

"Why in the world would you think such a thing? Of course you aren't his maid. You never were to begin with. I don't even know how you managed to learn his name." It looked like this Sebastian person was confused as well.

"But just a minute ago I was cleaning with Claude and the others...!" I pleaded.

"Claude?" Sebastian cringed.

I nodded slowly. Was it bad? Claude was genuinely a good man. To me, that is... To the rest he was a bit strict. He was Alois' main servant that was always by his side.

"How utterly disgusting... To work with him of all people.." The raven haired man shuttered.

"Well... In any case, shouldn't I be getting to work?" I questioned.

Sebastian nodded, and we went over what I had to do. I greeted everyone in the manor, then began my cleaning duties for the day. How tiring...


Author's note: So! How do you like this so far?! I think I have the most inspiration for this story than any other!

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