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My head was whirling. My back was sore, and my head was aching. I had no idea what was currently going on. I felt at an absolute loss for the situation.

"Ah, I see you have awoken, Y/n." A pleasantly familiar voice spoke from the other side of the room.

Although I could hear the voice, I could not see the owner of said voice. It was simply too dark, almost pitch black. However, I knew exactly who was there.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

...Footsteps? Ah, they're walking towards me. That's right. I remember now.

After what had happened, Sebastian brought me home. Yes, where I felt mostly safe. The only reason I would feel unsafe is because of the recent event I managed to get myself tangled in.

"Sebastian... What exactly happened? What's going on?"

I wanted to know for sure, that it wasn't just some delirious dream I had.

"Well, that's... It is best we do not speak of it. There is a reason I had you sleep through it all. I do not believe your frail, precious heart could handle such a thing as vile as that." The butler let out a chuckle.

It wouldn't be odd to say it were angelic, if only he weren't quite literally, the spawn of Satan. Or maybe Satan himself, perhaps. (Besides, everyone knows that angels are the real devils, here.)

"Y/n, are you thirsty? Or perhaps famished? Would you like anything?"

During the time it took me to think about the butler's charming laugh, he had already lit a number of candles that dimly illuminated the closed off room. There was really no way in or out, except for the heavily locked door. What exactly was going on here?

"Sachertorte would be nice..." I began to ramble on, "I have been craving sweets lately..."

"Such a refined palette, Y/n." He flashed his signature "V" shaped grin. It was breathtakingly beautiful.


After what seemed like forever and three quarters, Sebastian returned with the apricot filled delight. I breathed in the scent of the pastry, falling into immediate bliss.

"I baked it with love, my dearest." Sebastian was clearly proud of his work, and I was proud to gobble it down.

Raising my fork, I grabbed a reasonable sized piece of torte, then ate it. I couldn't help but express my love of the confection through incoherent squeals. As always, Sebastian never failed to impress.

"This is super freaking good, Sebas!" I had exclaimed, apricot jam smeared just on the outer corner of my lips.

Sebastian's eyebrows came together in amusement, before his expression changed to something a little more sultry.

"I can tell." The corner of his mouth tugged into a smile before he leaned down and licked the stray jam from my face.

At that very moment, I could have swore that I died and went to heaven, but somehow, I still walked Earth as a human. A very flustered human, that is.


A/n: Well! Here it is! A new chapter after about two years! I plan to update this frequently now, and add more fanservice/interesting plot etc. Sometime in the near future, maybe even smut. But we will see. Thank you for reading, and to those who stuck around for those years waiting, it has paid off. Thank you, so much. I hope you enjoy my future additions to this story.

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