He Reigns on the Mountain - Chapter 1

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A/N - I am going to try and put a video to each chapter. You can click on it on the right to play the video. This song on Chapter 1 is one of the reasons and guiding songs for this story. I hope you enjoy!


Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Chapter 1

The mountains held a lot of secrets. Like an old mine waiting for some one to uncover the jewels and gems that have been hidden for years. Sometimes the jewels were easy to see and remove from the hard stones. But sometimes, most of the time, you had to work and dig and hope to find the a treasure hidden away in the rocks and crevasses. The people that lived on the mountain were like that too. You could not see all their secrets at first glance. Sometimes the true treasure had to be dug out before it could find it’s true value and stunning beauty.

Jess drove through the twisting turning mountain road in her beat up Ford Explorer, leaving the life she knew behind. Hopes and dreams flashing in her mind and looking forward to her new life. Like many students right out of college, Jess thought she could conquer the world. This job would start her on the right path. She knew it would be hard to live in this small community that was close knit and rarely allowed outsiders in, but they needed a new teacher and she wanted to teach more than anything.

Driving and thinking about other things is not a good combination. Especially on winding roads that you are not familiar with. Jess went around the corner and slammed on her breaks. She missed the cow standing in the middle of the road. But unfortunately in her attempt to miss it and then gain control of her SUV, it began to swerve and she ran off the road and started heading down the side of the mountain towards the river. Running through brush, bushes and tall grass. Jess saw the river approaching quickly in her windshield. Skidding and praying, “God, please help me.” Her car came to a stop inches before hitting the tree or the large boulders by the riverbed.

“Thank you, Jesus!” She said as she gathered herself. Taking inventory of anything broken inside the vehicle. A few boxes shifted, but nothing majorly out of place. Then she exited the car to examine the damage and see how to get back up to the road. Stepping out of the car, her foot squished ankle deep in mud and slush. Thinking quickly, she grabbed her cell phone knowing she was going to need a tow out of this mess.

Luckily, there was no major damage. A few minor scratches that only Jess would know were new. This car had gotten her through college and served her well. And although she did love it, she was ready for a new car. That would be one of the first things Jess would splurge on when she could. But, she needed it now. And right now it was stuck in mud by the river.

Jess looked at her phone and no signal. She walked around holding up her phone in hopes of finding one to make her call for help. After walking around for ten minutes, she still could not find even one bar of service. She went back to the car and dropped to her hands and knees and began to dig out mud from around the tires. Within a few minutes, she was covered from head to toe in mud, dirt and grass. “Lord, I have asked for a lot lately.” She said as she was digging. “But, I need help here.”

She was tired, exhausted was more like it, and all she wanted was a bed in the house the school position provided and a hot shower. She kept digging and when she made some room under the tires, she would put dried grass in the hole to soak up some of the mud in hopes for traction. Dig, pack with grass, dig, pack with more grass. This cycle went on for about an hour and Jess was working on the last tire, dreaming about the hot shower she so desperately needed. Suddenly, she heard someone behind her chuckle. “Got yourself in a pickle.” A male voice said.

“More like mud than a pickle.” Jess said as she stood up and turned around. She was looking into the sun, and at first all she saw was this large man with wide shoulders. He towered over her and stepped forward allowing Jess to see him clearly. He looked like a true mountain man, resembling a lumberjack on steroids. Standing almost seven feet tall with broad shoulders and a head full of bushy blonde hair. Her mystery man also had a beard that covered most of his face, but his beard looked more appealing rather than like it was hiding something hideous. “Do you mind giving me a hand?”

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