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Chapter 4

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I wonder what Nash is going to say? I'm contemplating on if I should talk to him or not. But I can't back out, that's what he would be expecting me to do, so I guess I have to find him.

I walked in to the cafeteria and looked around. It was so loud, people laughing and joking with their friends, but there was one laugh that stood out. He's in here. He was with his friends, at his usual table. What should I do? Should I approach him first? Should I just turn around and walk away? Nothing is ever easy. I guess I have no choice but to approach him.

I walked over to Nash's table. James, one of Nash's friends, saw me and nudged him to look my way.

"Umm... You wanted to talk?" Now is not the time to be shy Emma. Stop being shy.

"What are you talking about?" Nash said as he looked over at his friends. Is he serious?

"Um, you said to me in science that we will talk about our little 'problem' at lunch, well now its lunch time, so where is the talking?" I said with a bit of sass I might add.

"Wow, chill, you were probably day dreaming or something because I never even talked to you during science, why the hell would I talk to you?" Nash said as he and his friends laughed at me.

"Looks like someone has a crush on you, Nash!" James said as he laughed.

"Ha! Why would I have a crush on... That?" I said pointing my finger at Nash with a disgusted look on my face.

He immediately stopped laughed. James clearly wasn't expecting me to answer him like that.

"And why would I have a crush on you? To be honest, if I had some type of feelings for you, I would kill myself!" Nash said with an angry tone to his voice.

Okay, that hurt me. No one has said something like that to me. I guess I should have seen it coming.

"You know what, just forget it. Don't even talk to me again." I said trying not to sound upset with what he said.

"Well thank the Lord for that." He said, then his gang started to laugh again.

Nash isn't going to win this easy. I have to do something now to make me be the bigger person. I looked at my water bottle I had in my hand and thought of an idea.

"Oh yeah, and one more thing..." I drank a mouthful of water from the bottle, then pored the rest down Nash's shirt.

"Put on a dry shirt next time." I said with the same evil smirk Nash always had.

The bell went telling us that lunch was over.I left Nash and his group with their mouths open in shock and made my way to my next class. I'm starting to get used to this new me.


Hey, I know you guys haven't heard from me for a while (please don't kill me) but I have finally updated because some of you wanted me to continue with this book, so thank you for you're support! Love ya guys!

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