Chapter 9

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*After school*

It is finally the end of the school day, nothing else really happened after science, just boring, shitty school. It is officially the weekend. I'm currently waiting for Jessica at the front of the school. I got a text from her saying:
Gonna be a couple minutes late, Ms Anderson wants to speak with me

I texted her back:
Haha okay, good luck with the lady from hell. I'm waiting at the front.

The parking lott was almost empty, there was just a few of the teachers cars left. I was looking around when I seen a figure coming towards me. It was James.

"What do we have here? The bitch herself." He laughed as he got closer and closer.

I sighed and moved away from him, but that didn't seem to work. Soon after, Nash and two other people came over.

"Why don't we have some fun, huh?" James said with a smirk on his face. He lifted his hand and pulled a strand of hair away from my face. I was beyond terrified right now.

"Please leave me alone." I said as he got even more close as he put his hands up on the wall either side of my head.

"But why would I want to do that?" He was about to touch my cheek but I managed to push him away. That was a big mistake.

"How dare you push me like that!" He yelled. I felt a sting on one side of my face, he hit me. It took a while for me to realize what he did. Nash and the other guys just watched.

James then pushed me to the ground and started to kick me in the stomach, the pain was just to much to handle and I was soon gasping for air.

"P-please... S-stop..." I pleaded as he continued to kick me while his friends laughed.

I screamed in pain as he continued to kick me everywhere. Tears pouring from my eyes making everything look blurry. This was definatley gonna leave a mark.

"Dude, stop. I think she has learned her lesson." Nash said which caused James to stop. I tried to sit up.

"Yeah, for now. Bye pathetic loser!" James kicked me one last time before he walked away which caused me to fall back to the ground again. I was in so much pain I don't think I can walk.

Jessica came out if the school doors a couple of minutes later.

"Oh my god!! Emma what happened to you?!" Jessica screamed as she tried to lift me up. Blood covered the front of my white hoodie, I guess I will have to tell my mom about this one.

"James kicked me in the stomach." I managed to tell her. I eventually got up but I had to lean on Jessica. I'm just glad I have someone here with me.

"Come on, I'm taking you home, we will get ice cream another day." Jessica said as she kept me steady. This was something I couldn't laugh off.



We finally made it back to my house. Jessica rang the door bell and my mom opened the door.

"Emma!! What happened?!" She shrieked as she saw me.

"She got kicked in the stomach by someone at school." Jessica said. "I'm Jessica by the way, Emma's friend."

"Thank you so much Jessica for bringing her home." My mom said as she helped Jessica bring me into the living room and set me on the sofa.

"Let's see how bad your wounds are." My mom said as she lifted my hoodie up a bit so that my stomach would show. I had a couple of deep graizes and my whole stomach was black and blue.

"Jessica, could you stay with Emma a second while I get a bandage?" My mom asked.

"Of course Ms Kelly." She smiled and my mom made her way to the bathroom to get the bandages.

"How are you feeling now?" Jessica asked me.

"In pain" I said

"This is my fault, if I had of got a good grade in Ms Anderson's class then she wouldn't have to talk to me today then we could've gone to get ice cream and those idiots wouldn't have beaten you up." Jessica said really fast.

"Jessica its not your fault, let's just say its Ms Anderson's fault." I laughed as Jessica laughed with me.

"DAMN MS ANDERSON!" Jessica shouted as she held a fist in the air.

We both laughed at Jessica's craziness when my mom walked in.

"Okay, here are your banged, can you lift your hoodie up a second while I put these on?" My mom asked me and I nodded.

I lifted my hoodie up and my mom wrapped the bandages around me while I winced in pain a few times. My mom had cold hands too which didn't help.

"Okay, all done, that should stop the bleeding at least." She smiled sympathetically at me. "I'm so sorry sweetie for all of this."

"Mom like I said to Jessica, its not your fault, stop blaming it on yourselves." I put my hand on her arm as she sat down beside me.

"Your right." Mom stood up suddenly.

"What's wrong?" I asked confused.

"Its not my fault, it's his fault." Mom said pointing out the window, meaning Nash is to blame, which he is, but he didn't do it to me.

"Mom, he didn't do it, he just watched." I said as mom picked up the phone to call Elizabeth.

"That's even worse!" She said.

I waiting for my mom to say something over the phone. Praying that no one picked up. My heart was beating really fast with nerves, I don't want to see Nash again today.

"Hello Elizabeth its Michelle." Mom said into the phone. Shit, shit, shit.

"Could you and Nash come over here right now? There is something important I need to discuss with you." I was literally prating to God that they didn't come over but knowing my luck, they agreed.

"Okay great, I'll see you in a minute." Mom said as she put the phone down. This could be fun...


CLIFFHANGER! MUHAHA *coughs* (that's as evil as I get) what's gonna happen with Nash and Emma? Are they gonna be friends again? ... I dont know either! We're just gonna have to find out in the next chapter!!

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