Chapter 17

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Its finally Friday. The rest of the week didn't go too bad. I found out that James has been suspended for 2 weeks because of the little incident and Nash has been hanging out with me quite a lot recently. He texts me all the time and I'm actually starting to like it. The rest of the group of assholes dont know what to do now that James is gone and so is Nash. Tomorrow its my birthday and I will be 17. Jessica and Nash have been acting weird lately every time someone brings up the word 'birthday', I really hope they are not planning anything.

I got out of bed and got ready for the day. School is so much better without James torturing me all the time, if only he was expelled.


I walked in to school and was greeted by a hug from Nash.

"Good morning beautiful." He said as he hugged me. I must admit, that made me blush a little.

"Good morning." I giggled trying to hide my face, I hope he didn't notice me blushing.

"Hey, where's my hug?" Jessica said pretending to be annoyed. Me and Nash looked at each other and then gave her a bear hug which caused her to laugh.

"Guys, I love ya and all but... I.can't. Breathe." She said and we let go. The bell rang indicating that we needed to go to our first class. I had English with Jessica.

We both said bye to Nash as we went our separate ways.

*skip school day*

The final bell rang at the end of the day. Finally its the weekend! And tomorrow I finally turn 17.

I was pulled out of my thoughts by someone hugging me from behind, I turned around and seen it was Nash. He's been hugging me a lot lately.

"Hey, what's with all the hugs? This is like the 3rd one today." I said laughing.

"What? I can't hug you?" He said with a smirk on his face.

"Whatever, are you ready to go?" I smiled at him as he let go of me.

"Yeah, I'll walk you home."

We both walked out of the building and made our way home. It was such a nice day, I think this was one of the best days I had a school... Wow, that's rare coming from me.

"So, are you excited for tomorrow?" Nash asked with a smile on his face.

"Yeah, I'm just glad I'll finally be turning 17!" I said and Nash chuckled.

"Good, I have have your present all ready, well, its a joint present with me and Jessica." He said putting his hands in his pocket.

"You really didn't need to get me anything, I don't like people spending money on me, it just makes me feel bad."

"Well, your just gonna have to wait until tomorrow." He said poking my arm.

"Hey! That hurt!" I said laughing and poking him in the ribs. We started randomly poking each other for like a minute then stopped when we came to my house.

"Well, I shall see you tomorrow." Nash said in a weird accent, kind of a mix of a British and Australian.

"Yeah, can't wait." I smiled at him and went in the house. I waved as I began to close the door.

"Hey sweetie!" My mom said from the living room.

"Hey mom, watcha doin?" I said and joined her on the sofa.

"Just watching TV, how was your day?" She asked.

"It was great, one of the best days I've had." I said and snuggled up next to mom.

"That's great." She said a hugged me tight.

We both just sat here in silence for a while until mom said...

"Your dad would be so proud of you." She whispered.

When mom said that, it made me feel upset. It made me realize that he will never be here to celebrate a birthday, or take me down the isle on my wedding day. I started to tear up just thinking about it.

"Mom? Do you miss him?" I asked.

"Yes of course I do, he was my world and he still is." Mom said with tears coming down here face. I wiped them away.

"Yeah, I just hope he is looking over us."

"He is honey, he always will, helping you get through troubled times." She said smiling.

I couldn't help but smile at her words. He has been helping me, giving me confidence to stand up to James and Nash when they bullied me, that's something I would never have dared to do. Now I know he will always be by my side no matter what.


So the ending kind of made me cry a little. Its just so touching!!! *wipes away a tear* but I hoped you liked it. Keep voting and reading. Love ya!

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