Chapter 16

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Nash and I didn't do much, we just sat and watched Friends. Nash insisted that he stayed until my mom gets back from her meeting. He was being really nice to me, if I wanted something he would get it for me and if I needed to go upstairs he would help me, but I don't know if he's doing this because he feels sorry for me.

It was starting to get a little cold in the house. Nash must have seen me pull down my sleeves of my flannel.

"Are you cold?" He asked.

"A little."

Nash got up from the sofa and went over to the other sofa where there was a blanket and he brought it over. He pulled the blanket so that it was covering both of us and he signaled me to move closer to him. I hesitated at first but then curled up next to him. It was just like old times.

"Better?" He asked with his chin on my head.

I nodded my head yes and continued watching TV.

"I missed this." He said after a short silence. Almost like a whisper.

"Yeah.... Me too." I looked up at him. His eyes were sparkling. I haven't seen them sparkle for a while now, its like he's turning back into his old self again.

We continued looking into each others eyes, it wasn't uncomfortable at all. He started to lean in. Oh no, is he going to kiss me? What do I do? I'm not kissing him, why should I? I was panicking in my head but instead Nash kissed my forehead and turned his head back towards the TV. Well that was unexpected, I just sat there stunned at what he did. What did he do that for?

"I just hope we can be friends again." He said in a low whisper.

I didn't say anything, he knows he has to gain my trust before we even become friends again. I'm not just going to forget this like nothing happened.

It was silent for a while until I heard a car door close, it was my mom. Let's get ready for the questions.

I sat up properly so that I wasn't leaning on Nash and the front door opened.

"Emma, I'm back!" She shouted.

"In here mom, no need to shout!" I shouted back.

"Oh sorry honey, I was-" mom cut off what she was going to say and looked confused as she seen me and Nash on the same sofa. "What's Nash doing here?"

"He came over after school to check on me, I mean, he was the one who stopped James from kicking me." I said.

"Oh... Well thank you Nash... That was brave." Mom was shocked.

"Its not a problem, I didn't like who I've become so I'm going to change." Nash said looking at me with a smile.  

"Well I'm glad to here that, would you like to stay for dinner?" Mom asked.

"Not tonight Mrs Kelly, I have to get back home but thank you." He said as he stood up.

"Okay, well I'll let you out." Mom said.

"See you later Emma." Nash said hugging me.

"Bye." I said into the hug. Then Nash was gone.

Josh came into the room where we all were.

"Hey big sis!!" He yelled bear hugging me, he didn't notice my injuries unitl I gasped.

"Oh sorry, what did I miss?" He said looking at my stomach.

"A lot!" I said messing his hair up. He hates it when his hair gets messed up.

"Hey stop it!!" He yelled and started poking me, so I poked him back and pretty soon there was a poking war and a lot of screaming/laughing.

"Hey stop it you two! I don't want any more injuries to happen to any of you!" My mom shouted, but not in an angry way.

"Okay." I said a shoved Josh off the sofa. He looked at me and he hit my leg.

"Right, who's up for pizza?!" Mom said.

Me and Josh looked at each other and smiled.

"Me!!" We both said in unison.


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