Chapter 28

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I was downstairs watching TV when I hear the doorbell ring.

I got up and opened the door to see a tired looking Nash.

"Hey, you look tired. Is everything okay?" I asked opening the door so that he can come in.

"Yeah... I just haven't slept all night." He said rubbing his hands over his face.

"Is anything wrong?" I asked him sitting down on the sofa.

Nash joined me on the sofa and thought for a while.

"I was awake all night thinking about the kiss... And you." He said looking at me with his tired eyes.

I didn't say anything, I just raised my eyebrows.

"And I have wanted to say this for a long time..." He continued. He stood up from the sofa.

"What is it, Nash? You're scaring me." I asked standing up also and getting kind of concerned at the way he was acting.

He paused again, running his hands through his hair and pacing the room.

"I really like you. Heck, I even think I love you. I know I have made your life a living hell and I would do anything to change that. But you always remind me of who I really am and you always make me happy and I don't know how. That kiss last night meant something to me, I feel like you are the one for me. You make my day without even trying and I want to be with you for as long as you will let me." Nash said.

He basically just poured his heart out to me while I stand there with my jaw hitting the ground. I can't believe this, I never knew he felt this way about me.

"Nash..." I said.

"Damn it, I knew I shouldn't have done this. Its clear that you don't like me the same way." He said with sadness in his voice.

He sat down on the sofa again and held his head in his hands. I walked over and sat down beside him.

"You didn't let me finish." I said and placed a hand on his shoulder.

He took his hands away from his face and looked at me.

"I feel the same way Nash, even though you treated me like shit. I can see that you are changing into the old you and I couldn't be happier. The kiss meant something to me too and I would be happy to be with you for as long as possible." I said smiling.

My heart was pounding but I meant every word. Nash had a huge smile on his face and we both leaned in. Our lips connected and we moved in sync. It was just like last night, the feeling was still there.

We both pulled apart and we looked at each other before laughing a little.
"So I have a question for you." Nash said as he played with my hand.

"What's the question?" I asked.

He looked directly in my eyes. "Will you be my girlfriend?"

I smiled and nodded. Nash pulled my head and pecked my lips. I finally feel happy now.



Today is Wednesday. School is alright but James still bullies me. Speaking of the devil, here he comes now.

"Listen here bitch, you better kill yourself this weekend or I'll do it for you!" James said behind me as I was at my locker.

Before I could respond, I heard the principal.

"James! To my office, now!" He said with his arms crossed.

I smirked at him. "Have fun."

"You'll pay for this." James said and followed the principle to his office.

Nash ran over to me and so did Jessica .

"Emma, are you okay?" Nash said cupping my cheeks with his hands.

"Yeah, I'm fine guys. Thanks." I hugged the both of them.

Nash went silent and stared at something. I turned around and saw James standing behind me.

"Thanks to you, I got expelled. You're lucky, bitch." James said and with that said, he turned around and walked out the doors.

Is this really happening?! I'm finally free from torture in this school, I can wake up happy again.

I turned to a very shocked looking Nash and Jessica and hugged them tightly. Tears were threatening to pour out. Not sad tears but happy tears.

"Did that just happen?" Jessica asked in disbelief.

"I think so." Nash said.

We all then continued with our school day feeling happier than usual.

~after school~

"Let's go get ice cream!" Jessica said to me and Nash as we walked out of the school.

I swear, her and her ice cream.

"Sounds great." I said.

We all got into Nash's car and drove to the usual ice cream place.

Me and Nash decided to get a large Vanilla ice cream so we can share, while Jessica got her strawberry ice cream as usual.

We all talked about random stuff and laughed at jokes. It was a great feeling to be free from all the negative vibes that happened over the years.

I feel like I can finally be myself again.


Alright guys, so the next chapter is going to be the last chapter :( hope you enjoyed this chapter tho!

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