Chapter 12

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I didn't know what to do, I just froze. Was he going to talk to me? He was told not to, but that wouldn't bother him. Nash had that stupid smirk on his face again. Do I have a sign on my head that says 'stalk me'?

Jessica waved a hand over my face. "Earth to Emma! What's wrong?"

I didn't reply instead I just stood there not moving, pretty much like a lemon. Jessica looked at where I was looking and she gasped.

"Emma we need to go, you don't want him to hurt you." She said as she put Benson's leash on.

"He's not going to hurt because he was told not to and if he does, I can easily go to the police." I said. Why should I leave and not enjoy myself when he is around? I'm not gonna run from him this time.

Instead I just walked and dragged Jessica with me. Nash got closer and soon he was right next to us.

"Hey Emma." He said as he walked behind me and Jessica.

"Your not supposed to talk to me." I snapped back to him.

"I know, but I just want to remind you about the science report thing we need to do."

"I don't need reminded." That was a lie, I forgot about that, again.

"Well, I was thinking maybe you could come to my house tomorrow and we can make a start with it." He said.

"Emma, I'm not sure about this." Jessica whispered to me.

"Its okay, I'll just make sure someone is in the house, I'm not going if we are going to be alone." I whispered back to her, she just nodded.

"My mom will be there." Nash said, obviously he heard our conversation.

"Fine, what time?" I sighed.

"How about 2:30pm?" He asked.


Nash just nodded and walked away from us. That wasn't so bad, I just hope it goes smoothly tomorrow.

"Come on, we should get going, I think its gonna rain soon." Jessica said as we made our way to the entrance of the park.


I finally arrived home and as soon as I got in the door, it started to pour down. Talk about great timing.

"Emma? Is that you?" My mom called from the kitchen. I swear, that woman is always in the kitchen.

"No mom, its a burgler!" I called back to her.

"Okay, well don't dirty the floor, I just cleaned it."

I laughed at moms response and took my shoes off. I made my way to the kitchen where mom was making dinner.

"Mmm, that's smells good. What it is?" I asked as I looked over her shoulder.

"Oh its my spicy chicken and rice." I always loved my moms cooking. "Did you have a good time?"

"Yeah I did actually."

"That's good, I'm glad you made a new friend." Mom said.

"Yeah... Mom, is it okay if I got over to the Grier's house to do the science report? I really need to get it done."

"Well as long as Elizabeth is there, I don't want you alone with him." Mom said.

"Yeah I know, apparently she's gonna be there."

"How do you know that?" My mom said as she started to put food on the plates.

"Just a guess..." I wasn't going to tell mom that Nash talked to me today, I don't want more drama.

"Well okay, take a seat dinner is on the table."


So this was kind of a boring chapter tbh but next chapter will hopefully be better!!

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