Chapter 2

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Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed writing this chapter, especially the second part, and that I hope you enjoy it too! It's the first time I've actually worked with the different points of view, so please comment on how I did. Merci <3


Liza P.O.V.

I heard the first bell go in the school as I pedalled around the last corner. A bit out of breath, I tried pedalling slightly faster. To save time, I bounced off of the sidewalk and cut through the parking lot, getting angry looks from other students. A red Ferrari's tires squealed as I swerved in front of it, and I didn't look back to listen to all the curses being thrown at me.

Bumping back up on the sidewalk, I hopped off and ran the rest of the way towards the bike rack. I hurridly locked my bike to the metal bars, and looked surprised at all the empty spaces next to me. Last year, I would be lucky to even get a spot. Strange.

I swung my bag up higher on my shoulder, and started towards the familiar entrance. The red brick walls beckoned warmly to me, inviting me inside. I walked through the open double doors, and headed towards the notice board, my movements unconscious from all the years.

The corkboard was pinned up with all different coloured papers, advertising sports, music programs, and school plays. I scanned over them quickly, and looked with interest towards a pink flyer announcing the start of a new drawing class. There were several tags hanging under it with the teacher's e-mail address, and I only hesitated slightly before I ripped one off.

Slipping it into my pocket of my bag, I continued my search for the class schedules. Under a few more papers, I found it, and sighed disappointedly when I saw I had math first lesson. There went my good mood, I thought sadly.

I remembered that the math classrooms were all on the second floor, and walked quickly towards the staircase, remembering that I was late.

I paid little attention to all the students passing me, staring at me. I told myself that I would deal with them later. One thing at a time. And the first thing was getting to class on time.

But, the stares were unnerving me. Why were they staring at me? THEY were new here, not me. Was it my outfit or my hair? Had I been too daring for a first day?

I was half-way along the corridor, and I knew that my class was only a few more steps away, so I decided to risk a glance at the people surrounding me. Glancing up shyly, my eye-lashes touching the edges of my bangs, I had just enough time to register a dark blue shirt before I collided into it.


It was like running head-first into a solid wall. I fell backwards, crashing against the red lockers that lined the wall. I banged my head against the metal, and winced in pain.

"Ow." I said quietly. Everyone in the corridor stopped to watch me. And that's when I looked upwards to the person I had hit, ready to apologize.

My gaze was met with stunning black eyes, which didn't hold even an ounce of concern. They grew hard as they saw me staring, and the perfect features of his face turned into a sneer.

"Watch where you're going, loser." he spat in my direction.

My automatic response fell out of my mouth before I could stop it. "I'm sorry." I whispered.

He looked down at me, reminding me of how my sister had done that morning. Then, without offering to help me up, he stepped over my outstreched legs, letting his back leg drag over the floor so it kicked my shins as he passed. I winced once again, but I couldn't form words.

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