Chapter 37

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Liza P.O.V.

"Did you miss me?"

I waited for a reply, my eyebrows raised in expectation. I was actually genuinely curious to what he was going to say. Maybe he would be angry, telling me to go and never come back. Maybe he would start to cry, not being able to believe his eyes. Maybe he would act indifferent. Maybe he would think it was hilarious.

His black eyes watched me from under another wolf that was blocking his windpipe, his eyes wrestling with uncountable emotions. I had seen them wrestling before, and I knew that it was serious. Something had been going down just before I had arrived, and somewhere deep inside, I was glad that I had been on time to intervene.

Brent had been losing, which was kind of obvious since the other wolf was about to finish him. It also had pained me to see him so weak, limping over the ground as he circled the other wolf. Was that my fault? My fault that he had almost been killed?

Maybe my nightmare was coming true.

Well, if Brent had been acting weak before, it certainly didn't show as he easily kicked the other wolf off him in one fluid, sure movement. It was like the sight of me gave him extra strength. I could see the matted fur around his neck, the blood starting to drip down onto the ground, but he didn't seem too bothered with it.

He started to tremble.

At the last second, I remembered to shut my eyes. The bad part of me was urging me on to open my eyes, but I wasn't going to let that happen. I think I was better innocent, thank you very much.

"What are you doing?"

Brent's velvet voice brought me out of my guilty thoughts, and a red blush crept up onto my cheeks. I opened my eyes the tiniest crack, and saw that Brent was thankfully in a pair of sweatpants, watching me curiously.

"Nothing much." I said, opening my eyes fully. Though his bottom-half was covered, his chest was bare, giving me a pretty good view. My face probably turned an even deeper shade as I realized I was checking him out, and I forced myself to look at his face.

Of course he was smirking.

"Like what you see?" he asked shamelessly, while about everyone in the whole town watched on. It only took a moment for my embarrassment to turn into anger, and soon I was glaring at him.

Keep it light, I reminded myself quickly. No need to start something in front of all of these people.

"I've seen better." I scoffed, and I heard a few wolfish chuckles around me.

He didn't seem too fazed, and continued to exploit his signature expression. "So, what are you doing here, princess?"

I gritted my teeth. "I'm not that sure anymore."

"Let me spell it out for you, darling," he said, striding forward until he was near enough to sling an arm over my shoulder. "Don't deny it; you missed me, plus my amazing body."

"In your dreams, idiot." I growled, trying to shrug off his arm. Light, Liza, keep it light.

"Whatever you say." he said, shrugging, "I knew it would only be so long before you came to your senses."

My anger was at its boiling point. I come here, set on saving him from his doom, sure that I am going to be his murderer, and this is what I get? The same, cocky jerk like always?

I shot a glare up at him, before grabbing his hand that was lounging across my shoulder. In a swift move, I twisted it over my head and soon he was on his knees, his arm painfully pulled behind his back.

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