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Layla felt sick. Harry was 2 minutes late and Layla felt fucking sick.

What if he really was a fraud? What if all this time it was all just a lie? What if he didn't really love her? What if he was a 40 year old pedophile?
Stop, Layla thought. Fucking shut the fuck up, he's real. He is.

And although it was getting harder and harder to convince herself of this, she did manage as she saw the familiar brown hair jumping up and down as Harry's body ran down the street.

"Layla!" Harry screamed, and Layla had to take a few steps back because wow. His voice really was that deep and raspy and happy and she couldn't fucking believe it.

"Harry!" Layla screamed back, Harry's eyes finally landing on her and wow. She was beautiful.

A smile so big, Harry felt like it would ear up his cheeks, found its way to his face. Layla wasn't just everything he'd imagined. No, she was more.

And so then Harry ran, he opeened his arms and ran unril his body collided with Layla's and they were both laying on the ground in a laughing, hugging, crying mess.

"Fucking hell Haz, are yoy crying?" Layla laughed, throwing her head back to let the wonderful sound flow. It was so much better than on skype.

"Yes, I'm fricking crying." Harry laughed, a few more tears running down his face.

"You're weak."

"I'm happy."

"I am too."

And for some reason Harry had this immense urge to kiss her, and so he did, because why the heck not?

When their lips met at first it was clumsy and it was awkward and neither knew where to put their hands or move their heads and so they ended up mumbling ouch a lot between kisses. But Harry would still rate it as the best kiss he had ever had (noot that he had so many to compare it with).

"I love you, Harry." Layla breathed, finally pulling away.

Harry's smile grew even more, "I love you too."

And then their lips met for yet another kiss, but this time Harry was the one having to pull away, due to his immense laughter.

"What?" Layla asked, a confused smile on her lips. "What's so funny?"

"It's just," Harry took a deep breath, trying to calm himself. "I just thought of the best joke ever."


(also, i might actually continue this story bc i enjoy writing it so much but for the moment it is finished.)

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