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LayLay95: hey but so i just had the best comeback ever

LaugHarry: tell me omfg

LayLay95: okay so

LayLay95: i was with my friend, and we were eating dinner with her very cristian family, right? And so her mom goes "the gays are the dark side of the human population"

LayLay95: and i just look at her and say "well of course it's dark. They're stuck in a closet"

LaugHarry: omfg layla yes

LayLay95: and long story short im not allowed there anymore

LaugHarry: totally worth it tho

LaugHarry: that was a great comeback too

LaugHarry: how did u think of it

LayLay95: idk man
I'm just that witty

LaugHarry: tru

LayLay95: thank you

LaugHarry: hey layla

LayLay95: what

LaugHarry: im gonna try a trick on you

LayLay95: okay

LaugHarry: great so take your age

LaugHarry: add 2

LaugHarry: subtract 2

LaugHarry: that is your age.

LayLay95: woah

LayLay95: wtf is this witchcraft

LayLay95: You're a wizard, Harry.

LaugHarry: oh god

LaugHarry: please don't

LaugHarry: I thought I'd finally escaped that

LayLay95: it's perfect

LayLay95: you're Harry and I look like Hagrid so it fits

LaugHarry: shut up you do not look like hagrig

LaugHarry: ur way hotter

LayLay95: well I'm the opposite of you and you're hot so im just cool

LaugHarry: bitch listen, i know milk does a body good, but dAMN how much did you drink? 

LayLay95: stop h

LaugHarry: oh, excuse me. i think i dropped something. mY JAW 

LayLay95: im logging off

LaugHarry: oh c'mon layla

LaugHarry: pls

LaugHarry: i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

LaugHarry: so much

LaugHarry: my arms aren't long enough

LaugHarry: i love you a lottle
it's like a little
but a lot


nOT A BIG FAN OF THIS ONE BUT WhaTeVAh!!!!!!!11!1!

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