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LaugHarry: i need help 

LayLay95: with what

LaugHarry: how do i confess to my parents

LayLay95: confess what

LaugHarry: thats confidencial

LayLay95: um okay??????? just go like

LayLay95: mom, dad. I'm........RANDOM xD!!!!!

LaugHarry: ur funny

LayLay95: no but seriosuly harre

LayLay95: i can't help you if you wont tell me whuy

LaugHarry: okay, then i don't need help. 

LayLay95: why won't you just tell me? 

LaugHarry: I'm not ready. 

LayLay95: oh, okay

LaugHarry: Yeah. I'm sorry.

LaugHarry: I love you 

LayLay95: ditto

LaugHarry: i need to ask you something vvvvv serious layla

LaugHarry: like super serious actually serious serious 

LayLay95: um okay, shoot

LaugHarry: do you love me like in that way love me? 

LayLay95: yeah

LaugHarry: really? 

LayLay95: yup. 

LayLay95: But, before you start to think otherwise i need you to know that we will not be in a relationship, not now atleast

LaugHarry: why not? 

LayLay95: well first of all we still haven't met. 

LaugHarry: true.

LayLay95: and second of all i've kind of given up on relationships-- i don't do them. 

LaugHarry: didn't you have a boyfriend? 

LayLay95: not relaly. He was'nt my boyfriend, it vas just easier to say her was

LaugHarry: thats a lot of spelling mistakes right there, what's wrong? you never have that major errors. 

LayLay95: im shaking

LayLay95: this is hard for me

LaugHarry: sO IS MY DICK

LaugHarry: im sorry i had to

LayLay95: ily 

LaugHarry: ily2

LayLay95: smooch

LaugHarry: kiss


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