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dedicated to Layla bc it's her birthday and name so she's queen


LayLay95: but so my dad just yelled at me for pushing my sister away from me so she would stop punching me and pulling my hair

LayLay95: what is it i smell? Unfairness is what i smell

LaugHarry: i'm guessing you're not a daddy girl

LayLay95: oh i do daddy

LaugHarry: y u gotta turn everythin sexual?????????????

LayLay95: i just speak my mind

LaugHarry: well stop

LayLay95: make me

LaugHarry: i'll come over and do that

LayLay95: and i'll call you daddy while you do

LaugHarry: you're twisted

LayLay95: you'll be twitching

LaugHarry: you've read too much fanfiction

LayLay95: you've written half of them

LaugHarry: #BUSTED

LayLay95: #SmutBusters

LaugHarry: this is awkward

LayLay95:now it is

LaugHarry: fuck 

LaugHarry: shit i meant frick

LaugHarry: diggitydang

LayLay95: you know for writing so much smut you're a real prude

LaugHarry: swagever

LaugHarry: it's like whatever 

LaugHarry: but with swag

LayLay95: wow

LaugHarry: and i can still shove my dingdong up your badonkadonk so shut it

LayLay95: i cant. my legs are always open for you

LaugHarry: you'e awfully horny 

LayLay95: why don't you come do something about it?

LaugHarry: already on my way

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