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in which she's an obsessive reader and he's her favorite author.


This story is written in the style of 'texting' and there will be no storyline to it, only what the people are writing to each other.


I got the inspiration for this story by my Wattpad relationships, and the people in them. (I love you guys!)


This story contains foul language and talk of sex. If you do not feel comfortable with reading this, I suggest you leave the book immediately.


None of these usernames in this story is mine. They are simply a fragment of creativity and I apologize if they belong to anyone

"Social Media"

a series of stand-alone books that revolve around relationships on the internet. It includes both the good and the bad things.


Book 2: "Facebook" (Liam Payne)

Book 3: "Snapchat" (Louis Tomlinson)

Book 4: "Tumblr." (Niall Horan)

Book 5: "Instagram" (Zayn Malik)


This story is Copyrighted © CynicalCaroline, 2013 All Rights Reserved. If I see any story that looks like mine, or has a plot like it, there will be punishment. Do not post my story on any other sites (tumblr, etc.) it will be treated as stealing even if there has been dedication to me.


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