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LaugHarry: hey laylay

LaugHarry: hey

LaugHarry: layla

LayLay95: what

LaugHarry: how did the hispter burn his mouth?

LayLay95: no fuck go away

LaugHarry: because he sipped his coffee before it was cool!

LayLay95: i hate myself from laughing at this

LayLay95: you're so lame i

LaugHarry: wanna hear another one? 

LayLay95: no

LaugHarry: c'mon

LayLay95: no

LayLay95: i s2g i will log off 

LaugHarry: fine

LaugHarry: ugh you're such a lame-o

LayLay95: u kno what, imma tell you a joke now. 

LaugHarry: go ahead and try

LaugHarry: no one can ever beat my jokes

LayLay95: mmhm

LayLay95: okay so

LayLay95: two robbers stole a calender and split it in two

LayLay95: they got 6 months each

LayLay95: badumtss


LaugHarry: REALLY

LaugHarry: WOW

LaugHarry: who knew you were funny

LaugHarry: tell me another one nOW

LayLay95: okay okay chill

LayLay95: damn boy

LayLay95: so have you heard of the guy that got fired from the calendar factory?

LayLay95: he took a day off.

LaugHarry: i love you so much rn

LaugHarry: i didnt think it was possible to love someone this much

LaugHarry: we should get married

LayLay95: totally

LaugHarry: you should break up with your bf and marry me

LaugHarry: in vegas

LayLay95: lets book tickets then, cuz i already dumped his bitch ass.

LaugHarry: wHAT

LaugHarry: WHEN

LaugHarry: WHY

LaugHarry: TELL ME

LayLay95: i broke up with him like 2 days ago 

LaugHarry: WHY

LayLay95: i love you

LaugHarry: ............layla


where are you from? 
I'm from Norway :)

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