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LayLay95: Hi! I love your books.

LaugHarry: Hi! I love you.

LayLay95: lol what?

LaugHarry: can you not read?

LaugHarry: omg that was rude sorry

LayLay95: no need to apologize, hahahah

LaugHarry: yeah, uhm, but thank you, Layla.

LayLay95: Wait, how did you get my name?

LaugHarry: It's on your profile???

LayLay95: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, sorry, i forget things like that, hahahah

LaugHarry: It's fine. i mean, i do too

LayLay95: cooool

LaugHarry: so you wanna hear a joke?

LayLay95: sure

LaugHarry: knock knock

LayLay95: whos there?

LaugHarry: Lay

LayLay95: Laywho?

LaugHarry: LayLay92

LayLay95: what

LaugHarry: you get it

LayLay95: no

LayLay95: that wasn't even close to funny i

LaugHarry: that's rude

LayLay95: i'm rude

LaugHarry: why

LayLay95: why what?

LaugHarry: why are you rude? it's mean

LayLay95: I've always been rude i guess????????????????

LaugHarry: oh

LayLay95: yeah

LaugHarry: why don't you tell me more about how you love my books

LayLay95: only if you tell me more about how you love me.

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