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LayLay95: but so i sent you that selfie

LaugHarry: which one?

LayLay95: the one you asked for

LaugHarry: the one where you're fingering yourself

LayLay95: hARRY

LaugHarry: idk where that came from ohmygod

LayLay95: me like tho

LaugHarry: really?

LayLay95: yeah i like people who are comfortable enough to be innapropriate with me

LaugHarry: oh

LaugHarry: well then

LaugHarry: you wanna frickle frackle?

LaugHarry: get your groove on

LaugHarry: go belly bumping

LaugHarry: do the horizontal hokey-pokey

LaugHarry: mattress mambo

LaugHarry: canoodel

LayLay95: omfg stop harry jesus i take that back

LaugHarry: stuff the pie

LayLay95: stop i will leave i s2g

LayLay95: fucking hell harry

LayLay95: what is your vocabulary made of

LayLay95: why do you know so many ways of saying it

LayLay95: why do i understand this

LayLay95: what is going on

LaugHarry: :3

LayLay95: omfg no not that one ugh

LaugHarry: what

LaugHarry: what is wrong with it

LayLay95: it creeps me out

LayLay95: it looks like taylor swift's boobs

LaugHarry: that was so rude and offending

LaugHarry: i love it

LayLay95: you know what else you love?

LaugHarry: what?

LayLay95: me

LaugHarry: I'm not gonna deny that


what's your plans for this weekend?

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