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LayLay95: wazzup curly nob

LayLay95: pube head

LayLay95: KFC

LaugHarry: what omfg

LaugHarry: Kentucky Fried Chciken? How does that relate to me?

LayLay95: It's not that. It's Kewl Fry Curls

LaugHarry: that is such a dumb name

LaugHarry: all of them are

LaugHarry: i love it so much

LayLay95: same

LaugHarry: but omfg layla where the hell have you been? We havent talked in FOREVER

LayLay95: its been 4 days

LaugHarry: i am aware

LaugHarry: did it have anything to do with what i said?

LayLay95: no. i was just busy

LaugHarry: okay, fine

LaugHarry: well, in the time you were gone, i came up with some jokes

LayLay95: of course you did

LaugHarry: they're really funny i swear

LayLay95: of course they are

LaugHarry: why can't the flower ride his bike

LayLay95: pls dont

LaugHarry: because his petals fell off


LayLay95: GOD

LaugHarry: so you found it funny then *wink wink*

LayLay95: i snorted

LayLay95: sigh

LaugHarry: Knock knock?

LayLay95: no

LaugHarry: Knock knock?

LayLay95: go away

LaugHarry: Knock knock?

LayLay95: fine whos there

LaugHarry: Europe

LayLay95: Europe who?

LaugHarry: no! YOU'RE a poo

LayLay95: i just

LayLay95: how do you find this funny

LayLay95: how do you tHINK OF THESE


LaugHarry: im a v funny person

LayLay95: i beg to differ

LaugHarry: you're killing my vibe

LayLay95: oh no! call the police

LaugHarry: already did. this won't look good on your record. First robbery and now murder? tsk tsk

LayLay95: wait roberry??????????????????

LaugHarry: yes, you stole my heart.


Harry you cheesy bastard

How old are you guys?

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