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As more guests started to roll in, I take my first position and try to figure out some poses that would give me a good angle of the aisle. One of my favorite parts of wedding shoots is that it is a lot of pressure. You have one take and one take only. I like a good challenge. 

Soon the ceremony started and I am snapping pictures left and right of everything I could. Even though I was totally going to give them a lot more photos than they paid for, it is their special day. They deserve a few gifts. The bride showed up at the head of the aisle. She was wearing a mermaid gown, and she looked beautiful. I took a bunch of pictures, and then to my surprise, she walked down the aisle to Harry Styles song, called "Carolina". The guests laugh, probably expecting this. I smile as she almost dances down the aisle.

The ceremony was a success, and so were the photos. Soon I find myself back in the room with Jeremy, to see the reception had been transformed into a beautiful modern rustic looking set up. I snapped a few shots before I turned to Jeremy.

"GUESS WHAT!!" He yelled at me.

"Jeez! Calm down, dude! But what? What's going on?" I am now to intrigued to ignore.

"There is a rumor that Harry Styles is here!" I look at Jeremy with an 'o jeez I can't believe it looks' and then snort really loudly whilst I laugh. "Stop laughing! I know you don't like his music, but I do! I REALLY like his music"

I take a break from laughing to deliver the line: "and his ass!" I go back to snorting whilst I wipe away a tear.

"Well, you're so not wrong. The man is hot. You can't deny that." He isn't wrong. Harry Styles is attractive, but I just don't think I would ever go for him.

"Whatever you say buddy. Now help me with this camera." Jeremy sighs as he takes the camera and uploads all the photos onto my device, to create space for more. "So what gave you the idea that he was here?"

"Well, first of all, the bride is OBSESSED with him, and she is like, super-rich. So I think her parents got him. Plus I think I saw him! Maybe it was just a really tall lady. It would be the most attractive lady I had ever seen, even if it isn't Harry, and I am gay, but I am pretty sure it was him."

"Uhuh, uhuh yes mhmm." I just smile and turn the other way, fiddling with my camera settings. 


Soon the reception is packed with already surprisingly drunk middle-aged people. I am packed over at the booth so I stay there for a while before moving around. Around an hour into the party, the groom comes over to me and tells me to stand over next to the stage, ready to take pictures. He won't tell me why, but I just agree. He is paying.

I walk over to the stage and take a few snaps before the groom comes on. That's when I realize the giant curtain covering the rest of the stage behind him. 

"My dearest wife, I love you, and please don't leave me for this man. I love you" And with that, he walks off the stage as his guests laugh. 

Music starts up and the curtain drops. I don't look as I am too focused on snapping pictures of the bride as I see her face grow the largest smile I have ever seen. My curiosity then overwhelms me as I turn around. 

To see Harry. Freakin. Styles.

Out of instinct, I snap photos of him and then turn back to the crowd. I see Jeremy dancing in the crowd screaming all the lyrics to the song, along with the bride. I smile and laugh at the sight, and then turn back to the stage to get a few more shots of him. 

As I am standing there I lock eyes with him, and he looks at me for what felt like a decade. He is attractive. "Mood," I say to myself. He then smiles and breaks eye contact with me to continue singing.

The performance lasts an hour, and then he walks off stage after thanking everyone. I go back to the booth and snap a few more photos of people. Jeremy is now no help as he is too starstruck. I laugh at him as I pack up my camera for the night.

"Did you see him, Rosie? Oh my... I think I am in love with him. He is so amazing." I can't help but smile to see him this way.

"Oh my yes!" I say as we walk out of the bustling room to the calmer lobby, "I can not believe Harry Styles, THE Harry Styles looked at me! Oh my! With his wavy hair and his nice petite buttocks!" I laugh at my own fancy English sounding accent and joke and look up to see Jeremy in complete shock. I wipe a tear from my eye, "What? Come on it wasn't that bad! I think it just needs some work." I turn around to see Harry Styles standing there with a giant smirk on his face, surrounded by people who I remember seeing on stage.

"OOOhhhhhh...umm...ahah" I shuffle back until I bump into Jeremy. His face hasn't changed."Hello there!" I say, accidentally still using my knock off English accent and shooting him a pair of wobbly finger guns.

"Well I was going to come up and introduce myself but I don't think that is necessary now." He has a musky voice. He hasn't stopped smirking at me. Awkward silence is bestowed upon the room as his band members slowly disperse out the door, waving and trying not to laugh as they all slink out. Until it is just him, me, and Jeremy.

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