the Gift....The tale of a girl who learns about magic.

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Ok, i am sooooo sorrrrryyyyy for not posting this for like, 2 months. Im sorry but i had alot of tests in my school you know, french, maths, science and i also had to catch up with my friends coz we hava all been buisy lately so please forgive me :( *POUTS*

anyways on with the story.



OH GOD, I thought to myself. What was I going to do? My mental head teacher wanted something off me but I didn’t have a clue what he was on about and to top it off, he was threatening to kill me! Just my day.

I was immediately snapped out of my thoughts when I heard a low growl. My head snapped up and I gasped at what I saw.

Standing in front of me was a wolf with three heads.

THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING, I mentally thought to myself, MUST BE A DREAM, I added on.

“Oh but it isn’t a dream!” The three heads of wolf growled together, as if able to read my thoughts.

I gulped, the wolfs’ voices sounded very similar to Mr Young, I gulped at the thought.

I silently prayed to God: God of this is a dream, please wake me, please! I said silently but once again, the wolf growled and made my attention turn back to him.

“Now give me the necklace before I harm you!” He said in a growly, human voice.

“Please,” I begged, “I have seriously no idea what you are talking about, not even a clue” I replied truthfully, feeling like I was going to burst into tears any moment, a thing I hardly ever do.

“Very well then, you leave me with no choice” The wolf replied back coldly, making the hairs on my arm stick up and my eyes widening in horror at what he might do. Just when he finished that sentence, I knew what might happen but… too late.

In a flash of lightening, the wolf pounced onto me, biting my cheek. My mouth instantly opened to scream but no sound came out, instead I tasted fur in my mouth. I couldn’t think any more because just then I fainted.


Dark. Everything was dark. And silent. Maybe my eyes were closed? I tried to open them, but failed, my whole body was aching, including my eyes. I heard distant chatter, two voices talking between each other. At first they were faint, barely intelligible, but as soon as my consciousness slowly regained, I could just make them out.

“Are you sure you haven’t murdered her?” a voice asked, screechy like an un-tuned violin.

I fought the urge to place my hands on my ears there and then.

“Positive Demacrois,” an equally screechy yet vaguely familiar voice answered him, “You can feel her pulse.”

“Yes, yes but she has been out for three weeks, quite long don’t you think Jacques? And what about her family, how have you managed to take care of them?” the guy named Demacrois asked.

“Oh that was fairly simple, you see I phoned them myself and told them she got very good grades in her history test along with a few other students, I told her mother that because of their good grades and effort put into their work, the high school  organized a trip to the historical city Rome for a year. I also said that everything will be provided in the trip, plane tickets, suitcases full of brand new clothes and necessities, 5-star accommodation and whilst they are there, they don’t get to miss in school because a few extra hired teachers will be teaching them the things they miss out on here. See, everything sorted!” I could here the proud smile in Jacques’ words when he said that.

“Well I see you didn’t become a head teacher for nothing!” Demacrois replied with a chuckle.

“Any way back to the subject at hand, when do you think she will wake up?” I heard the man Jacques question.

Just then I remembered where I was, and that two people were talking about me. A sudden fear ran through my body and I wanted to open my eyes, not feeling safe in the dark but new it would be better if I kept them closed.

“I have no idea when she wakes up but what about the necklace? Are you sure she has it?” The men resumed talking but I couldn’t pay much attention to them, my mind was on getting out of here.

I had to know where I was if I wanted to escape so I opened my eyes a tiny bit. All of a sudden light hit them and I felt a need to groan in agony, if in any other situation, a groan would be harmless but I knew if I groaned now, I might as well commit suicide.

Although the light was only candle light, and very dim at that, my light took a few minutes to get by the brightness of it.

When my eyes had recovered, I looked around slowly and saw I was lying on the cold, hard, stone floor in what looked like a small cell. I could just make out two people standing a few meters away from me. I figured these were the two people I heard talking earlier.

Suddenly there was a tingling in my nose and before I new it…

“ACHOOOOO” I sneezed so loudly that the whole world could of heard me.

 Oh no, I gasped, what had I done?

Just then I saw the two figures move closer to my cell, one of them holding a candle in there hands.

“Oh, look. The sleeping beauty has finally awoken”


sorry if it is not that long but i seriously have hardly any time s yh forgive me.

so what do u think of it? do u lik it? plz comment and ill try to post as quick as i can. :)





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