The Gift....the tale of a girl who finds out about magic.

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 Mila Kunis as Hazel Turner (hazel turner is the main character.)

Landon Liboiron as Ray Waters.

(ill add more pics and stuff of characters when they start comining in more)









The worst luck ever. :(

Damn it. Damn, Damn, Damn.

Why the hell was I ALWAYS late?

“URGHHHH” I screamed out loud in frustration. School had started ten minutes ago and I had to walk ten more minutes to reach there. I had History first thing and I absolutely hated the teacher. Her name was Mrs Ferns, yh im still in shock someone like her is married lol, and she was the meanest, grumpiest grouch you will EVER know. Last time when I was late, she had threatened to ask the head teacher to suspend me for a month. I mean come on, who the hell does that, just for being five mins late. Anyways I looked at the watch on my hand and saw another five minutes had gone. *SIGH* this happened nearly everyday and I still have no idea how. I woke up EXTRA early today, 5:30 to be exact, even though school doesn’t start ‘till 8:30. I had an extra quick shower when I woke up, letting the luke-warm water wake me up. Then I put on my dark blue skinny jeans and a blue/white stripy top with a long denim over-coat(A/n iv got no idea what it’s called, its basically like a long top but you can wear it on top of smaller tops lol) on top. I then dried my just-over-the-shoulder length black layered hair and looked into the mirror. I had green/hazel eyes and full pink lips. I added a layer of mascara to my eyes because this was the only make up I used. I hated make up but wore mascara because my friends FORCED me to wear it saying they will kill me if I don’t. Anyways all of this only took about an hour. I still had two hours left. I decided to have breakfast and you get the picture. By the time my daily morning routine was finished i had an hour to go to school. Plenty of time as i only lived half an hour away. I lived in Scotland in Glasgow(a/n yh i live there and the schools name isnt real tho and neither is the street, i think) I lived on White Cart road, a quiet area with freindly neighbours and kids. Mostly friendly kids. there was this one guy that i hated ALOT ALOT. my years bully. well he didnt really bully people like the bullys u see on t.v. he would just make fun of u infront of every other pupil and it would be soooo bad u would want to die. His name was Ray Waters by the way. Anyways i had plenty of time left when i started walking to school but somehow i knew i was still gonna be late. i looked smiled slightly when i saw the school come into view. I never knew that the school would actually make me smile. I had very painful throbbing on one of my shoulder thanks to mu one shoulder bag that were "in" this year. my friend had forced me to buy it, sayin stuff lik it was awsome and cool so i gave in. but everyday scince i hav regretted it, i mean who cares if everyone is wearing them, as long as im comfortable with wathever then i dont really give a damn how it looks. i swore ill switch back to a back-pack for the next year of school. I realised i had already reached the main entracnce of the school. i looked up at the doors and sighed.

"why does this always happen to me...i have the worst of luck" i muttered to myself.

(a/n by the way her names is Hazel and she goes to White River High and she is in S4 which is probably year 10 for al those english people and i think sophomore to americans im not sure she is 15 so just figure out ure selves lol)

The automatic doors welcomed me in and as soon as i stepped in, i smelled the too femilier smell of my oh-so-dear-to-me-not highschool. It smelt like polished floors and what not. I just sighed in my head and dragged my feet over the shining floors taking my time. i reached the office and plastered a massive fake smile on my face as i saw the secretery, now dont get me wrong, im the really nice, easy going type of person thats nice to NEARLY everyone but even if the angel meets my secretery, she/he would turn into the devil himslf(hope it maskes sense lol)

The secretery returned the fake smile and told me to take a seet. i sighed in relief, normally she was worse then this, way worse.

"Would you care to explain to me WHY YOU ARE TWENTY MINUTES LATE TO THIS GOD DAMN SCHOOL?" She shouted no screamed so loudly that i thought my ear-drums would brake any moment now. yep, i new it was too good to be true. I was going to reply when the head-teachers door swung open and out came the head teacher himself. Old, grey hair, grey suit. Your average oldie head-teacher.

He looked at me sternly then said in that whispery voice of his that would make your skin crawl...

"I've been expecting you..."




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