The gift...the tale of a girl who finds out about magic.

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"I've been expecting you..."

Oh boy.

*normal story*

Chapter 2

I nervously stood up and followed my headteacher aka named mr young into his office. I new i was gonna get into trouble but i didnt no it was gonna be that bad? Whatever the news tho, i new it was gonna be bad. As soon as we entered the headteachers office, he closed the door and locked it. I gulped.

"Scared miss Turner?"  My head teacher teacher smiled wickedly, his decayed yellow teeth showing. I had no idea what was going on, maybe he was just trying to scare me, i thought.

"Now there is no need i believe to explain why you are here..." he started but I inturupted before he could talk further 

"Erm well sorry for being late  i'll prommis it won't happen ever..."

This time he inturuppted with a loud, blood-freezing laugh.

"Dont think you can fool me miss turner. I no u no im not talking about being late."

I was deeply confused by this. What the hell was he talking about? if i wasnt here because i was late then why was i here? All these thoughts rushed to me and i managed to mutter

"sorry, i dont understand"

He laughed at this aswell, his eyes gleaming menecingly , making me want to shit my pants there and then.

"Now let's stop playing these silly games. All u need to do is give IT to me and then you will be free. you will forget all that has happened and you will resume a life of a normal girl." He said his eyes burning holes through mine.

Just as i was going to say i was confused, a knock came on the door.

Mr young swore quietly and sighed...

"Come in" he said.

The door opened and in came the secretery. She smiled at the principle but when her eyes met mine, she instantly glared. then her eyes rested back on mr young.

"Sorry to disturb you Mr Young but you have an important phone call" she said, a black phon in her hand.

"Ok" mr Young said, his eyes never leaving mine. 

"Miss Turner, you may be excused but you will have to report back to my office at the end of the day. there are a few things i must clear with you." he said

I sighed in relief and made my way towards my second period class. Hundreds of questions swam through my head. what was he talking about? what did i do? why does he need to see me at the end of class? I just pushed them all to the back of my mind, deciding to think about them later in my bed. At least i missed History, i thought to myself. 

I looked up to see i had arrived at my second period class. Drama. Yesssss one of my favs, i thought silently. I opened the door and to my surprise, saw a face i thought i would never see again...




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