Amora (Supernatural - Castiel Pairing) by insaneredhead
Amora (Supernatural - Castiel insaneredhead
Amora is Dean's twin sister who when they were still young was given away. Now, Dean returns from Hell because the angels have need of him, only problem, they have need...
  • samwinchester
  • deanwinchester
  • castiel
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"She's Mine"  by -StrangeLikeMe-
"She's Mine" by -StrangeLikeMe-
He has her and he will never let her go. She can run, she can hide, but he will always find her in the end. After all ... she's his.
  • dominant
  • sorceress
  • dom
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Breath Of Passion (Spn - Sam Winchester) by insaneredhead
Breath Of Passion (Spn - Sam insaneredhead
Zafirah is the last of her kind, one of six powerful sorceresses that were created by something older the God himself. She's lived a long and full life. But when two hun...
  • lucifer
  • heroes
  • werewolves
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Supreme Sorceress by Celia321
Supreme Sorceressby Celia Rayanne
When Hilaria was a child, she found in the woods by Aslan, her wounds had been too great for any healer and if she didn't get help soon, she would die. But the great lio...
  • daughtersofeve
  • lucy
  • witch
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Idrissa Gilbert by LouiseMayOx
Idrissa Gilbertby Amy ⭐✌
Idrissa Lyra Gilbert. Younger sister (cousin) of Elena Gilbert, older sister to Jeremy Gilbert. She's changed since the accident that took her parents. Suffering from...
  • witch
  • immortal
  • vampire
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Legendary.| {Allison Argent.} [1] by DylansBuzzCut
Legendary.| {Allison Argent.} [1]by ღIt's ya boiiiiღ
legendary ˈlɛdʒ(ə)nd(ə)ri/Submit adjective 1.described in or based on legends. 2.remarkable enough to be famous; very well known. Meet Charlie Martin. She is Lydia's twi...
  • mccall
  • amandaseyfried
  • argent
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Ascension: The rise of heroes by Mellow_Supernova
Ascension: The rise of heroesby Aurorus Nightshade
So many duties..... So many responsibilities..... Life is a bed of stones for Blaze, Lios, Terra, Gliss and Blitz. Still, at least there was peace in the four realms...w...
  • phoenix
  • aeawards2018
  • lightning
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Behind the Magic by emmymae77
Behind the Magicby Emily Carroll
What were the young Wizards of Blackwell's up to before they met Riley Towers? How did Kenny adjust to the present after living as a tree for so long? A prequel of sort...
  • wizards
  • oneshots
  • fantasy
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Astraea (Of The Lucifugum) by VictoriaLafleure
Astraea (Of The Lucifugum)by Victoria Lafleure
❝If I can't have your heart, then there are some things that even faerie magic can't touch.❞ Astraea Larker, an overachieving college student, wants nothing more than to...
  • romance
  • fantasy
  • fiction
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My Kingdom for a Sorceress by LauraJosephsen
My Kingdom for a Sorceressby Laura Josephsen
Prince Wenceslas would much rather be at home in his castle than wandering the world looking for enchanted princesses. Unfortunately, he has less than a month to fulfill...
  • friendship
  • dragons
  • princesses
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The Blessed Child by kiliveedu
The Blessed Childby Kiliveedu
Zelda Raven lives like every other teenage werewolf. Hanging out with friends, not paying attention to classes, worrying about her grades, waiting for her mate. Her life...
  • werewolves
  • soulmate
  • werewolf
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The Sorceress's Daughter by Lovelytee18
The Sorceress's Daughterby Tessy Roberts
In the great kingdom of Erandel, magic was accepted until it became a taboo and anyone that practices it is burned to a stake. Mariel Tanner is the daughter of the late...
  • romance
  • wattys2018
  • fantasy
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Royal Blood by UnicornLover_225
Royal Bloodby UnicornLover_225
Think you know the truth about your beloved fairy tale? Think you know what is good and what is evil? Think you know everything from your so-called "Once upon a t...
  • witch
  • princess
  • faerie
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The Sorceress by Georrge6
The Sorceressby Georrge6
Centuries of experienced disappointment have left Grace Ireland pessimistic and yawning at the banality of human existence. Once an apprentice to a powerful sorceress in...
  • love
  • sorcerer
  • boy
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All the Silence by carbonlily
All the Silenceby Patrishya
The second most powerful sorceress in Lydia guards a secret. And when that secret finally gives, she's left to guard something quite, quite, bigger. ❝Oh. But I never tho...
  • words
  • opennovellacontest
  • winter
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Doctor Strange: The Student by readerishere0
Doctor Strange: The Studentby InfinityWar
,, Mr. Strange, what are you doing?" He winced lightly and turned around to see her standing on the door and watching him, eyes widened. ,, I'm just..." He sig...
  • vision
  • benedict
  • hulk
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Overtaking The Throne by DawnLune
Overtaking The Throneby DawnLune
Diana is a sorceress. Which would be fine with her as the only title she needed, except the rulers of her kingdom are terrible. She has to free the land of their influen...
  • love
  • royalty
  • sorcery
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The Precursor by hafsahkhanam
The Precursorby Hafsah Khanam
Foreboding shadows seep through sixteen-year-old Dylan's world when the letter arrives, summoning him to a forgotten high-school stained with the blood of many sorcerers...
  • thriller
  • surprise
  • sorcery
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Disguised Royalty by BarcelonaMadrid
Disguised Royaltyby R. Choudhry👊
When Alexandra Wilfred, moves from London to a small town in America, where everyone knows each other and where the people think no secrets are hidden, her observant per...
  • werewolf
  • highschool
  • damien
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