The Path Towards Destruction

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"So you're telling me...she's his wife?" Summer asked confused.

"Well, only in practice. She's not his wife until he decides to pop the question." Kali said happily. "Our Little Arslan here is a direct descendant of the Altan tribe that has wandered the deserts of this island for centuries before we even settled here. Their tribe has little to no contact with the outside world and we have rarely even seen them, let alone actually spoke with them."

"Indeed." Ghira said gruffly. "They've never bothered us so we never bothered them. That is until Arslan decided to throw a wrench in their plans. Apparently Arslan is the descendant of the first guardian of the Menagerian King. In the history of the island, every time a new king is elected on Menagerie, each tribe would send one member to act as a council member for them. That king would rule over the entirety of the island and everyone would heed his rules. It was a dynasty that was primarily composed of-"

"Black cat Faunus..." Weiss finished beforehand as Arslan looked surprised.

"You were aware of this fact?" Arslan cocked an eyebrow. "My tribe elder told me that your people have moved on past the ways of the ancient and have relegated themselves to looking to the future for answers rather than the past. It comes as no surprise to me that the Faunus people hold the Belladonna family in high regard. Black cat Faunus are a rare species only rivaled by that of the Golden Lions."

"No I didn't know for sure until now, but I've done countless hours of research on Menagerian history." Weiss explained. "Both species were said to be wiped out, but the Belladonna and Altan tribe are both still going strong. It's quite impressive considering the harsh conditions thrusted upon you after the Great War."

"It hasn't been easy. Golden Lions and Black Cats tend to only have one child and they can only give birth to one if both parents are purebred black cats. We got lucky when we found each other honestly. Even more lucky when we f-I mean had Y/N." Ghira said as Kali sent him a furious glare.

Y/N didn't ignore that fumble though. His father wasn't as vulgar as he was, so he knew he wasn't going to say when they fucked. What f word could that have been that Kali wanted him so desperately to not say. Y/N shook it out of his mind as Weiss spoke up again. She shifted her black cloak as she put a hand on her chin.

"So this is a political marriage? Something to tie together the current and past generations of tribes. Combining the Belladonna's and the Altan's would unite a large number of Faunus under a equal ruling. Two rare species claim the chieftain position and become king and queen of Menagerie. On paper it's a straight forward idea..." Weiss thought before turning to Y/N and nodding at him. "But there's something more here. A tribe filled of scholars that suddenly just abandons their life long traditions while haven't caring about the city folk for at least a century just decides to restart all of that?"

Y/N looked genuinely impressed as did everyone else. Arslan herself looked she'll shocked at Weiss' detective skills and Y/N knew that she was the right person to bring along. No doubt had she been in similar situations with what her father is like.

"My species and tribe...we've been wiped out." Arslan said steadfastly and with little emotion aside from a calm voice. The room got tense as Y/N leaned forward and looked at Arslan seriously. Ghira hugged Kali as she looked like she was about to cry while Velvet was the same. Summer put a hand on her shoulder as Velvet listened intently.

"What do you mean?" Y/N said softly. "Just...gone or killed?"

"The White Fang." Arslan said sternly. "My tribe is full of scholars and artisans. We were Golden Lions that had forsaken interaction with the future in order to preserve the past. We stood back and watched the world develop and took note of every little disaster since the beginning of mankind. Few have ever been trained in combat and less have ever survived more than one fight. I was an exception...and also their downfall."

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