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King of The Grimm: Reader x RWBY by Legitfnafshipper
King of The Grimm: Reader x RWBYby FandomGuY
Y/N hated the huntsmen and huntresses of Beacon Academy for his whole life. Then one day he discovers something... he has a secret semblance that has been never used. No...
The Grimm Rose by Zap3000
The Grimm Roseby Zap/Zoe3000
What separates man from monster? In truth, nothing but the words used to describe them. For every man has the potential to become a monster, and every monster is capable...
The Greatest Swordsman Male Reader Oc X RWBY by DeadFizh08
The Greatest Swordsman Male DeadFizh08
Hi! My name is Y/n D. L/n and this is my journey to how to become the world's Greatest Swordsman in Remnant's history in the group of Team RWBY.
Little Ms.Rose by Dabi100
Little Ms.Roseby Dabi100
After being rejected by her crush Weiss, Ruby runs off to get her mind off things. But, gets abducted by Roman, by whom she gets tortured for months. By the time she fi...
The Immortal Huntsman [RWBY X Imortal!Male!Fox Faunus!Reader by ShadowKyuubi987
The Immortal Huntsman [RWBY X Fox Larson AKA: Rohan Kishibe...
"I promise you, I will become the strongest Huntsman in the world. And then, I will take . . . What is mine." A RWBY Fanfic made by Fox (Me) Its basically Ban...
Moonlight's Guidance  by MehFuckIt
Moonlight's Guidance by Anonymous
To be quite frank, it was tiring. The dream, then Lothric, then whatever the fuck was happening in The Lands Between. A normal being would have lost all semblance of san...
Cat and Mouse - RWBY Blake X Male Reader by A_TLAS
Cat and Mouse - RWBY Blake X I
Y/N is the second brother in the L/N household. He's loved by his parents, brother, and sister. But, with the rising presence of the WhiteFang, Y/N decides to sign up. O...
The Hunstman That Killed: Harem X Cheated male reader  by LiamLatePoster
The Hunstman That Killed: Harem LiamLatePoster
( This is my first story, have mercy ) Betrayed, Hated, Taunted You were once innocent, happy, and lively, But what are you now? A symbol of fear, The bringer of chaos...
Love Surrounds Me Like a Lullaby (Male Granger Reader x RWBY)  by 4NARKY
Love Surrounds Me Like a Lullaby ( ᴊᴀʏɢᴜ
Y/N Virtuoso is the son of The Vagrant Poet Granger. His father died from an attack from the Grimm. He risked his own life to protect his own son for he is the only fami...
Oil - Volume 1 by AvaritiaTokisaki
Oil - Volume 1by Yami Tokisaki
A simple story about a young man with the simple dream to become a huntsman. And maybe a criminal past. who knows? Obligatory Disclaimer: No, I do not own RWBY. Obviou...
Burning Rose (A Cinder Fall Story)  by XSummerRoseX
Burning Rose (A Cinder Fall Story) by Summer Rose
As Summer embraces her new identity as Cinder Fall, she must gather recruits to aid her cause. Finding these individuals would prove to be rather easy. But recruiting th...
Jaune Arc: The Fullmetal Huntsman by TonTom2
Jaune Arc: The Fullmetal Huntsmanby TonTom2
Alchemy. The ancient semblance that has thought to be long lost. The ability to reconstruct and deconstruct matter to the user's will. A piece of lead could be made into...
Jaune Arc, The Cyberpunk of Remnant by Countrywide22
Jaune Arc, The Cyberpunk of Remnantby Countrywide22
When Jaune has his transcripts revealed he decides it's best he leaves. After traveling around Remnant he meets up with people who not only change his life....but also h...
Remnant's Winged Warrior by AthleticWeeb
Remnant's Winged Warriorby AthleticWeeb
Born a winged Faunus, your favorite place was the sky. Raised by two loving parents that were abruptly killed by the creatures of Grimm, In their death, you unlocked you...
Join the cast of RWBY as they all react to the Multiverse
Rated R Neopolitan/Weiss RWBY by lowdrive
Rated R Neopolitan/Weiss RWBYby rocky
This will be three chapters long and this is R rated. This will contain sex, hurt, and non-consent theme. Main characters are Weiss and Neopolitan. Enjoy!
Tides of Change: Male Reader x RWBY by gridcz1
Tides of Change: Male Reader x RWBYby GRIDcz1
Y/N L/N was living a life with a tint of past still haunting him. When he was offered to join Beacon he declined it. But why? Find out in this story. I do not own RWBY...
The Auraless Huntsman  by Shotabell
The Auraless Huntsman by Gaming
Remake of my first Quirky Hunter book
(Discontinued) Actions, Not Words (RWBY Neopolitan x Mute Male Reader) by MinusDark
(Discontinued) Actions, Not Minus
There's always those who suffer in silence, wether that silence is their own choice or a disability life gave them simply depends on the person. Of course, that doesn't...
Never For The Money: Neo X Male Reader by UndesiredLeftovers
Never For The Money: Neo X Male UndesiredLeftovers
Nothing ever goes wrong between an infamous duo of criminals as they go about their business in Vale. Although, the leader was never greedy since he only left on the job...