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The Flames of Betrayal (Blake Belladonna x Male Reader Brother x Harem) by T0xicRhin0
The Flames of Betrayal (Blake T0xicRhin0
After being betrayed by Blake on the train, her younger brother Y/N was taken prisoner by Atlas. Experimented on by a mad doctor, he becomes the first ever human/Faunus...
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You again? by KatBelladonna
You again?by Kat Belladonna
(Y/n), a wolf Faunus, ran from his home after his father abused him to much. He joined the White Fang. His best friend ran from the White Fang, and (Y/n) followed a year...
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RWBY Volume 1 The Start Of The Journey  by AntiSilver
RWBY Volume 1 The Start Of The Red Stratos
Team RWBY well soon exist but others will be joining they're journey each of them forming some kind of special bound with one another the people Ruby, yang, Weiss, and B...
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RWBY Blake x Male reader Book 1 by Midnightstriker117
RWBY Blake x Male reader Book 1by Midnightstriker117
I don't own RWBY Rooster Teeth does.
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RWBY Blake x Male!Reader by Art_Intel
RWBY Blake x Male!Readerby Artificial Intelligence
After The Fall of Beacon, Blake runs back home to Menagerie. Little did she know, her parents were really worried about her and sent someone to go check up on her. Funny...
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The kryptonian hunter (Blake x male reader) by Sethchild
The kryptonian hunter (Blake x Seth
Blake x male reader Your the kryptonian adopted brother of yang and ruby, what high jinx and adventures await at beacon. Also white rose and baked Alaska in future chap...
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You Bring Me Light (Blake Belladonna X Male Sith Reader)  by Zachakai
You Bring Me Light (Blake Zachakai
Hey guys. A lot of people probably didn't know this but I absolutely love Star Wars! It's probably my favorite movie franchise, and even as a kid I always thought the Da...
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Can we still be Friends? by Not-So-Everlark2K18
Can we still be Friends?by Happily Married to the Snow Q...
Can we still be friends? It's awkward if you've been friends with your Ex and on top of that your dating her Partner. Yep, nothing could get weirder than that right? So...
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The Revolution will be Live (Blake Belladonna x Male Reader) by Deagle117
The Revolution will be Live ( The Genie
Tell me. What do you know about Menagerie? A small island? The home of Faunus? Cool outfits? All a front. RWBY is owned by Rooster Teeth and any and all media used is ow...
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Blake x spartan 716 by Gunshotzeek2
Blake x spartan 716by gunshot zeek
You are spartan 716 and you where assigned to bloodgulch for the blue army but on your way there with the other blues and the reds you all crashed on a unknown planet. I...
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Rwby x Male Wolf Faunus by bryanjosh23
Rwby x Male Wolf Faunusby josh bryan
Abandoned as a baby the reader's life was ultimately left to the hands of Oum to decide. But what would happen if said child was given an opportunity at experiencing li...
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Unforgivable (Blake Belladonna x Male Reader) Volume 1 by ILikeTurtles65
Unforgivable (Blake Belladonna x Aiden Jaxon
She killed your mom. You can't love her, you just can't. Or so you thought.
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