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(haha that's me and my friends con lineup)

I stared at Kaede. How could she expect me to say something so suddenly? I pulled my hat over my face.

We both stayed silent.


And utter.


Suddenly, she brought her hands up to her face. "Ah, I'm sorry.... it's... okay," she said, seemingly reading my mind.

"Kaede, I—"

"It's okay, Shuichi. Let's just forget it, okay?"

"KAEDE! WOULDJA COME OVER HERE A SEC?" we heard Miu scream from the other room. "I WANNA SHOW YA SOMETHING!"

"Ah... I'll.. be back. Maybe." she said, giggling at the last part. I smiled and let her go.

Suddenly, I felt my hat leave my head.

"Jeez, Shuichi. This hat is so dumb and emo, I can't see your pretty face without it!"

I turned around, startled, but sort of relieved to see Kokichi.

"How can you even see?" he said, now putting it on his head. It was lopsided.

"I look down," I answered.

"At what?"

"Nothing." I said. "Literally nothing. And... I kinda like it that way," I continued, not realizing I was ranting.

He ignored my statement. "Why'd you dump Kayayday?" he asked, adjusting the hat on his head. It slid back to a lopsided position.

"I...." I started.

"Are you gay?" he poked my shoulder.

"W-What? No! I just—"

"Like someone else?"

Now that he said it like that, I realized something.

I did like someone else.

And that someone was him.

(Kaede POV)

This "something" Miu wanted to show me was a small camera. I assumed it was one of her inventions, but she said that wasn't the case.

"I found it on the floor in the cafe yesterday. Didn't want to open it on my own though. I don't know what's on it.. could be a clue to this whole hellhole." she explained.

"Good idea, Miu!" I said. "Let's check it out."

I looked over her shoulder as she opened the gallery. What we saw was...




It was Tsumugi, next to Kirumi's body.

Holding up a peace sign, with a large grin.

"Eeek!" Miu squeaked, flinging the camera across the room. "What the f**k was that?!"

"I... don't know.." I said, still in shock. "But one thing I know for sure is... Tsumugi's getting her ass whooped."

"Kaede! You swore? I mean... I agree, but, WOW!" Miu yelled.

"Calm down, let's go." I said, filled with determination.

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