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That's all I could feel.

Miu had just been crushed, along with Tsumugi. Kaede, Kokichi and I all watched on in silence.

"What...wh.." Kaede muttered.

"Holy shit! What happened, you guys?" Maki yelled across the room. She and the other students ran in when they heard the noise.

"That." Kokichi gestured to the rock. Kaede scrambled over to Kokichi and I, and gave us both a hug. "I'm so glad you guys are okay!"

"Why?" was all I managed to say.

"Because that Tsumugi was really onto you! She might have done something... bad..."

"That's...true," I sighed.

"Quit it! What. HAPPENED?" Maki scowled, looking concerned.

"Tsumugi and Miu got crushed by a giant rock. Oh yeah, and Tsumugi was the mastermind." Kokichi told her nonchalantly.

Many "what?"s and "oh my"s floated around the room.

"Mastermind? Tsumugi?" Rantaro said. "No way."

"Thanks be to Atua that all of this has ended!" Angie preached. A few people silently cheered.

"Well, what now?" Tenko asked. "Do we just... leave?"

"I guess. But I could get us out of here..." Himiko trailed off.

"Really? How?" Kiibo asked.

"with... MAAAGIC!!"

Several groans.

"Fine. As long as it helps us get out... which I doubt it will...." Kokichi muttered the last part.

Himiko pulled a plastic wand out of her pocket.

"Ah, seriously?" Kokichi groaned.

"Shut it!" Himiko yelled at him. "This will work!"


The walls were gone.

"Holy shit...." I muttered.

We're free.


Years later, Kokichi and I started dating. He asked me out first, to no surprise.

We had lots of interviewers question us about the killing game for a while. It was kinda overwhelming. Kokichi was miserable, though. All that pressure must have been awful.

Himiko and Tenko started dating, too. They're our neighbors. Himiko constantly apologizes to Kokichi about what she did. The funny thing is that he doesn't even remember.

We're pretty happy together. Call me crazy, but soulmates might exist after all.

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