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As we walked into the cafe, everyone's eyes landed on Kokichi. He sort of shifted himself to stand behind me, shielding himself from everybody. Certain people like Kaede, Kirumi, Ryoma, Maki, Kiibo, and Kiyo respected his boundaries, but everyone else crowded around us, bombarding him with questions.

"What's wrong?"

"Why were you gone for so long?"

"Are you eating enough?"

"Do you remember me?"

Kokichi hid his face into my shirt, tearing up. I put my hand on his shoulder.

"Uh, guys, I don't think he's really up for questions right now..." I explained.

Kaito ignored my words. "Kokichi, do you hate me?"

Kokichi looked up, meeting eyes with Kaito. They made eye contact for a split second, and then Kaito spoke again. "Cmon, talk to me, little punk!"

"Kaito, don't be a dick," called Maki from the other side of the cafe. But it was too late. Kokichi was crying.

"Oh, now look whatcha f**kin' did!" shouted Miu, punching Kaito in the shoulder.

"Kaito, give Kokichi space. Gonta thinks it wouldn't be gentlemanly to make him feel bad," Gonta told him calmly.

"Ah, he's just faking," Kaito said. "Hey Kokichi, you're just faking, aren'cha? You just want pity because no one loves you!"

Kaito, Tenko, and Himiko laughed. I glared at them. I felt Kokichi clutch even tighter on my sleeve. I could feel his frail body trembling.

"That's quite enough, Momota." Kirumi said sternly, even using his last name. She gave him a harsh glare. Point, Kirumi.

I couldn't just stand by and let all this happen. "What happened to you trying to help me figure out this whole situation, Kaito?" I asked. He stood, frozen. "I thought you were my friend," I continued.

Kaito groaned and started to walk out of the cafe. "Whatever," he muttered. "You still suck, Kokichi!"

I rubbed my head, trying to clear it. But then it occurred to me that there was no more pressure on my arm.

I looked around, all over, and he wasn't there. Kokichi was gone.

"Uh, guys...." I started. Everyone gave me their attention. "Where's Kokichi?"


We'd looked everywhere. Kirumi and Kaede were extremely worried. Kaede started to cry and Kirumi comforted her, but we could still see the pain in her eyes.

We decided to split into groups. Mine was Maki, Kiibo, and myself.

"What exactly happened that made Kokichi so upset?" Kiibo asked. "I didn't hear most o the conversation."

I sighed, not even wanting to repeat what Kaito said to Kokichi. "Kaito told him that 'nobody loves him'." I said, using air quotes.

"Oh my," Kiibo said. A look of determination filled his eyes. "We have to find him!" he exclaimed.

Maki and I nodded. Kiibo led the way the rest of the way down the hall.

We were walking past the dorms, as I realized Maki had stopped walking. Kiibo and I turned around to see her standing completely still, gazing at Kaito's door.

"Do you think...?" she started.

Kiibo and I exchanged worried glances, and ran back to Maki where she was standing. We all stood there for a moment, most likely sharing the same thought.

What if?

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