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Sometimes people can make you happy.

Sometimes people can make you sad.

And sometimes...

People can make you feel.... love.


I buried my face in my hands on my way down the hallway. I doubted I felt THAT way about Kokichi, but I couldn't help but blush.

I couldn't stop thinking about what he said. "Thanks for caring about me," he'd said. "not many people do."

Doesn't he have family at home? Doesn't he have any friends in this game, other than me?


Were we even friends?


Himiko was bragging to everyone at dinner that night. She couldn't stop talking about how she'd put a spell on Kokichi.

"I decided to give him back his memories," she announced. "Monokuma said our memories aren't...the best thing to experience.... so he could pay for what he did!"

Tenko listened intently, as everyone else rolled their eyes. We'd heard this 7 times before.

"I'm sure that won't be necessary, Himiko," Kirumi told her. "Kokichi is merely messing with you."

"Yeah, it's not... really his fault... that's just sort of his personality," said Kaede.

Himiko crossed her arms and sat down. She rolled her eyes at Kirumi and Kaede's statements.

"Speaking of Kokichi, has... anyone seen him?" Rantaro asked everyone. I just now noticed he never came to dinner.

We all looked around and sure enough, he wasn't in sight. "We can pull straws, and whoever loses has to go get him," said Kaito, as if it was a chore to go get him. Like he, and everyone else, didn't want to. I expected at least Kirumi or Kaede, recently defending him, to decline, but to my surprise, they went along with the idea.

"Well, Shuichi?" Maki said, interrupting my thoughts. "You coming?"

"Actually, I can just go get him," I volunteered, half glaring at Kaito. I left without another word.

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