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I stared at him blankly. Stay with him? Was he even scared to be in his own room?

"Please, I-I'm scared t-they'll get me," he said.

"Get you...? Who?" I asked.

"Don't you... remember?"


He stared at me for a few seconds, then stared to close the door.

"W-Wait!" I said, flustered.

I stopped the door with my foot.

"What do you mea-"

"The problem is me, isn't it..?" Kokichi said out of nowhere. "Something's wrong with me, not everyone else... What's wrong with me, Shuichi?" he said, not stuttering at all. It was almost as if he was transitioning into his old self as we speak.

"...I don't understand...." I said, rubbing my head.

"There's something wrong with me, Saihara~Chan. I'm... afraid of everything. I really don't know why." I blushed at him picking up the nickname he used to have for me.

"I know you are, Kokichi. But I want to help you. Everything will be okay." I said, setting my hand on his shoulder.

He started to shake.

"K-Kokichi! Are you okay?!" I asked, concernedly.

He blinked rather harshly, then looked me dead in the eyes.

"What the hell just happened?"


"Ugh... I'm hungryyyyy!!" Kokichi complained. "It's like I haven't ate for days!" Little did he know.

"It's you haven't eaten for days, Kokichi." I corrected him. "Plus, that... is true."

"You haven't been feeding me? Wahhhh! Saihara~Chan is so meaaann!!"

"Well then, go get something to eat, brat! Could you just shut the f**k up for once?" Maki said harshly, across the cafe. It was dinner time.

"Nah~" Kokichi said. "Make me, bitch!"

"Oh, not so fast," Maki threatened. "I know exactly what was wrong with you earlier. How you acted. How you talked. How terrible your life was. You were... are... just a little bitch who can't defend themselves!" she continued, a smirk spreading across her face.

"Hah! Bottoms have no rights!" Miu said.

"Gonta not know what that mean..." Gonta said.

"Don't you dare." Kaede scowled at Miu.

"Eeee! Sorry, jeez!" she squealed.

Kaede sighed and looked over to me and Kokichi. "I, for one, am happy you're back, Kokichi. I missed ya."

"You did?" Kokichi said, sounding genuinely confused. "No one's ever said anything so nice to me before..."

"Shut your pie hole, Kokichi! Jesus, do you ever shut up?" Maki yelled.

"What happened to you trying to help me, Maki?" Kokichi said flatly.

Maki jumped.

"You told me everything would be alright. You promised." Kokichi said, tears slowly forming in his eyes. "You said you would help me,"

Maki stopped. She blinked and said, "I-I'm sorry... I don't know what came over me.." she sniffled. "I'm just... upset about Kaito,"

"Kaito? What does that dumbass have to do with anything? By the way, where is he..?" Kokichi asked, switching personalities quickly.

"....." Maki stayed silent.

"You... um.... you killed him, Kokichi," Kaede said, shuddering.

"W-What?" Kokichi said, his face going paler than it already was.

"I'm... sorry, Kokichi," I said.

"It's..... fine," he said, leaving the cafe quickly. I started to follow him, but felt an arm hold me back. I turned to see Kaede.

"Just... give him some time," she said.


It was Sunday. I was sitting in the cafe with Kaede, we were talking about how Kaede was supposed to go to a music festival before this all started.

"I was so excited, too," she said sadly. "But stupid Monokuma has to ruin everything, doesn't he?"

"I'm sorry Kaede. I'm sure it would've been fun, though!" I said, trying to lift her spirits.

She crossed her arms and put them on the table, looking around the room sadly. She tapped her fingers. "Shuichi, can I tell you something?" she asked nervously.


"I...uh.... I... like you." she said. "And I... like like you, like, a lot."

I felt my face heat up. I didn't expect it. For some reason, though, it didn't feel right to me. I... didn't like her back.

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