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Second chance - O̺͆u̺͆m̺͆a̺͆S̺͆a̺͆i̺͆ by DanganronpaV3fan
Second chance - O̺͆u̺͆m̺͆a̺͆S̺͆a̺͆...by V3fan
The killing game was over. It was finally over. Out of the sixteen students, only three remained. Maki Harukawa, Himiko Yumeno and Shuichi Saihara. All Shuichi wants i...
  • oumasai
  • ships
  • kokichiouma
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【"I'll win your heart!"】Kokichi X Reader by Lyrica_Siji
【"I'll win your heart!"】Kokichi X...by I'm Lyrica Siji!
Y/N L/N, the Ultimate Socializer, was participating in a killing game. She didn't understand why she was participating in this horrible game of murder. As time passed, s...
  • danganronpav3
  • fanfiction
  • v3
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Be My Liar 《Kokichi x Reader》 by Cookiestar16
Be My Liar 《Kokichi x Reader》by SHSL Fanfic Trash
In the killing game, only two can remain alive. Kill someone to leave. Survival of the fittest. In the fight for survival, bonds are made and broken. And these bonds cou...
  • fiction
  • fanfic
  • danganronpav3
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-just a pawn- drv3 x reader by panic11pop
-just a pawn- drv3 x readerby panic//pop
!!NOT ONESHOTS!! Spoilers in the book, duh Also pansexual Reader bc I want their to be fluff for all #3 in danganronpa! #5 in drv3! Aight so you're the Ultimate Fashion...
  • kokichi
  • angie
  • kirumi
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Danganronpa V3: A Genderbending Motive by padwriter14
Danganronpa V3: A Genderbending Mo...by padwriter14
A genderbending story involving the Danganronpa V3 characters. This includes a main story with Monokuma making a genderbending motive, a couple of pictures of genderben...
  • motive
  • angie
  • ultimate
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L a c u n a (Kokichi Ouma x Reader) by -_Liar_-
L a c u n a (Kokichi Ouma x Reader)by к◊кⅰςサⅰ
(Previously known as 'A dazzling truth behind a mask of lies.') Y/N woke up in a cold abandoned school, The Ultimate academy for gifted juveniles as they called it. only...
  • oma
  • ndrv3
  • danganronpa53
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❤A world full of sugar❤ ~Kokichi Ouma x Reader (one-shots)~ by abbyreese13
❤A world full of sugar❤ ~Kokichi O...by ★Violet The Hedgehog★
Just a bunch of one-shots for my sweet baby boy (who's the love of my life) that will be updated whenever I can, since I can't always update a story, but at least I can...
  • oma
  • disability
  • danganronpa
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~the perfect play thing~ (kokichi ouma X reader) by creepy_cat65
~the perfect play thing~ (kokichi...by さびつき
Your name is (__) Rīdā And you're The ultimate singer. You're very shy and timid, also you don't like talking that much. Guess what happens when you're put into some cra...
  • kokichi
  • fanfiction
  • drv3
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Danganronpa x Reader Lemons by Te11ThemNaegi
Danganronpa x Reader Lemonsby Shiraka Lala
These are going to be a collection of danganronpa x reader lemons as the title says. I will accept request and I don't know what to say here other than on with the LEMON...
  • gundamtanaka
  • kiibo
  • xreader
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dAngAnRoNpa sHiTpOsTS by zerodahewo
dAngAnRoNpa sHiTpOsTSby big bitch
shitposts by a bisexual dr fangirl who literally runs on her favourite yaoi ships and memes. So I HOPE you're not expecting a lot..! HAHA//slapped
  • help
  • trash
  • killme
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?SAIOUMA BOOK? by Makototachibana9889
?SAIOUMA BOOK?by Makoto 🌸💜
✨A Saiouma lovers dream✨ ...........Requests open.......... Don't like Saiouma? B e g o n e. Storybook for my friends birthday and random crap!
  • shuichi
  • saioumafanfiction
  • saiouma
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Kokichi Ouma // I'm a liar! by TheErrorSans
Kokichi Ouma // I'm a liar!by Hamilton Lover
Looking at the inside life of Kokichi Ouma and how he acted away from peoples and free to be himself.
  • danganronpa
  • kokichi
  • v3
Ask DRV3 by Dingus23
Ask any drv3 character
  • killing-harmony
  • anime
  • drv3
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void x kokichi (V3 spoilers) by sodaichan
void x kokichi (V3 spoilers)by mintymoo bear
void is an OC created by my best friend user37303588. check her out as she does super funny stories! I suggest you read about her appearance. void is the front cover pi...
  • danganronpa
  • kokichi
  • ốc
Die Ultimative Kämpferin by SaskiaCatgirl
Die Ultimative Kämpferinby Hansungie
Da die Welt von unzählbar vielen Meteoriten getroffen wird entscheidet sich die Future Foundation dazu ein Projekt zu starten das Gofer Projekt. Es sollen 17 überlebende...
  • tsumugi
  • danganronpav3
  • miu
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erotic fanfics by OfficalSaltandPepper
erotic fanficsby OfficalSalt&Pepper
  • saski
  • kokichi
  • danganronpav3
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fnaf x ouam by wakaran
fnaf x ouamby wakaran
fnaf x ouam
  • kokichi
Danganronpa V3 Opinions  by JasmineTheNerd
Danganronpa V3 Opinions by JasmineTheNerd
the title says it all
  • kaito
  • v3
  • kokichi
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The cover has nothing to do with this book by Maou-Ge
The cover has nothing to do with t...by Maou-Ge
well i just made this because i didn't have a book and i got tagged so y e a probably will change that cover soon f u n goddamnit ko oh well heres some useless facts abo...
  • iwantanewcoverbutaaaa
  • iwanttodie
  • ahahaha
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