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Chequered Scarfs and Detective hats. by LiarLiarStarsOnFire
Chequered Scarfs and Detective hat...by LyingStars.2107
Shuichi Saihara, the Ultimate Detective, wakes up in a locker one day. He soon finds out he's at the Ultimate Academy for gifted juveniles with 15 other students. Monok...
Pregame Saiouma/Oumasai DRV3 [NO LONGER ON HIATUS!!!] by InperiaruSan
Pregame Saiouma/Oumasai DRV3 [NO L...by Imperial
Monokuma's new motive leaves everyone shocked as two students, Shuichi Saiharra and Kokichi Ouma, recieve their pregame personalities. TW: Mentions of abus3, se1f harm...
The SaiOuma Bible (with memes) by LemonSquarez
The SaiOuma Bible (with memes)by Lem/Cloud
eat up children, enjoy your saiouma happy meal and yeah i cant stop grabbing more saiouma ctto!
The Dare [Saiouma/Oumasai] {COMPLETED} by 16ShuichiOuma010
The Dare [Saiouma/Oumasai] {COMPLE...by Kohana_Saichi
When playing a game of truth or dare who knows what could be revealed...but what if the one making the dares and truths knows everything...?
The Phantom Thief of Hearts || Saiouma Phantom Thief AU by DazaiSansBandages
The Phantom Thief of Hearts || Sai...by 🩹🩹🩹
World famous detective Shuichi Saihara is a private investigator belonging to a well known law firm in Tokyo, Japan. He is known for solving impossible cases with uncann...
Like Before (a pregame saiouma story) by SomeTiredTrash
Like Before (a pregame saiouma sto...by A person
Maki and Himiko were becoming very fed up with Kokichi's normal attitude and behavior. They want to make him stop being so annoying some how. But there was only one idea...
in love with a dragon (dragon!kokichi x shuichi) by uselessandtired
in love with a dragon (dragon!koki...by uselessandtired
himiko and shuichi preform a ritual to summon a dragon and it surprisingly works....but they can't send it back
♠️ the boy from school  // a saiouma oneshot. by auratic_heartz
♠️ the boy from school  // a sai...by saiouma obsessed 😰
🎬 || saihara, an outgoing popular boy. meets ouma, a silent shy boy. they got along quickly. read to find out more about them! // ships included in this oneshot: // ...
•☆Monokuma's Special motive☆• by Saiiioumaa
•☆Monokuma's Special motive☆•by ☆
•☆Saiouma/Oumasai☆• •☆This story was inspired by a POV by shartibble on TikTok. They do amazing cosplays so I would recommend checking them out.☆• •☆Link : https://vm.t...
i found him standing on the roof by arandomfangirl4456
i found him standing on the roofby arandomfangirl4456
"I found a boy standing on the roof today ....he refuses to respond to me so I don't know his name and he let's me touch him and move him around but if I try to tak...
Saiouma/Oumasai comics & pictures  by HotPinkChoco
Saiouma/Oumasai comics & pictures by Emi
The artwork and comics do not belong to me, credits go to the original artists Also, I might've put the same pictures twice... sorry I'm losing track
The Thief Who Stole My Heart by Cassipai
The Thief Who Stole My Heartby Koki
(My friend came up with the amazing title) Detective Shuichi Saihara gets assigned the case of the Phantom thief. Him and his partner Kyoko are on the hunt for him. Shu...
"You're Alone Kokichi, And You Always Will Be" // A Saiouma Angst Story by fuzziibunnii
"You're Alone Kokichi, And You Alw...by fuzziibunnii
NONE OF THE ART IN THIS BOOK IS MINE (Sneak Peak) My eyes couldn't comprehend what I was seeing. My... friend.. just... killed himself.. and I couldn't even see his last...
Running This Game With You || Saiouma Mastermind AU by SkyWolf222
Running This Game With You || Saio...by Sky
In this AU not only is there a mastermind they have a helper. {Mastermind Kokichi x Helper Shuichi} I started writing this because I was bored so it's cool people are re...
Stole my heart- an Oumasai fanfiction by SweetPepperPie
Stole my heart- an Oumasai fanfict...by DanganronpaStan
A rewrite of Danganronpa V3, in which The Ultimate Detective falls head-over-heels for the Ultimate Supreme Leader. -The art on the cover does not belong to me. I found...
Mastermind. (Mastermind Shuichi x Kokichi) by Magen8612
Mastermind. (Mastermind Shuichi x...by JustASimp
Right after Gonta's execution, Kokichi starts planning ahead and tries to figure out who the mastermind is. Stumbling upon some disturbing evidence of one of the few peo...
◉✿ Class 101's Chatroom✿◉°°Pregame Drv3 Chatfic (EDITING) by b0nkingb0nk_
◉✿ Class 101's Chatroom✿◉°°Pregame...by Bonk💕
"Ouma-Kuuuun!❤", "No." Yes, they're all dumb. These idiots' chatfic except they are pregame(?) This will mostly have fluff and some random ideas I ha...
"Shuichi hates me.." || Saiouma/Oumasai by V3r0sika
"Shuichi hates me.." || Saiouma/Ou...by ♥︎𝙹𝚊𝚍𝚢𝚗𝚗♥︎
Kokichi confesses to Shuichi and Shuichi likes him. But why did he reject him when Kokichi confessed? -------- TW: Cutting, Suicide,
i  ̶d̶o̶n̶t̶ want forgiveness {POST GAME} <saiouma> by sleepy_head_89
i ̶d̶o̶n̶t̶ want forgiveness {POS...by sleepy
it's all just a stupid game. we went threw all that trauma and suffering, just to wake up and be told it was all a game ? so it must not done anything right? games don...