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Kokichi and I were sitting next to each other— well, more like he was basically sitting on me, but that's not the point....

He covered his ears and squeezed his eyes shut, unhappy with all the yelling. I tried my best to comfort him, but it didn't really work.

"Pooichi! F**k him already!" Miu screamed across the cafe, who was now putting her plate in the sink. Who would do the dishes now?

"Shut up, you filthy cum dumpster," Kokichi said out of nowhere. I almost fell out of my chair.

"F-Filthy?" Miu squealed, unaware of what was so weird about this.

"A-Ah! I'm sorry, sorry! That was so mean, I don't know what got into me.." Kokichi said, fiddling with his hair.

"Did he just...?" asked Rantaro.

"It.... appears he did." I said.

"Who did what?" Kaede said, sitting down after fighting with Himiko.

"I told slut-face over there to shut her dirty mouth," Kokichi said, immediately covering his mouth and starting to cry.

"Gets his memories back slowly, huh?" Rantaro said, eyeing Himiko. "Seems pretty fast to me."

"I...wanna go to my room.." Kokichi said, looking up at me pleadingly.

"Uh.. okay, go ahead then..?" I replied, confused.

"I think he wants you to go with him, Shuichi," Kaede said, winking. I blushed and pulled my hat over my face.

"You look so pretty without that stupid emo hat, Saihara~Chan! Take it off, pleeeaaaase?"

I blushed and looked down at Kokichi, who stopped after saying that to hide his face in his hands. "S-Sorry..."

Rantaro laughed and said, "He seems tired, Shuichi. You should take him to his room,"

"A-Alright," I said.

As we walked out of the cafe, Kokichi looked up at me. "I-I'm not really that t-tired.. Kaede k-kinda scares me," he confessed.

"Scares you?" I asked. Kaede is many things, but she's most definitely not mean or scary. Why on earth did he find her intimidating?

"Yeah, sorta... s-she's friends with my bullies,"

"Bullies? Who?"

"...They told me not to tell."

I nodded and we walked the rest of the time in silence. Yet it was comfortable silence, like we both knew there was nothing to say.

Once we got to his room, it occurred to me that he still hadn't eaten. Or slept all that much. He did fall asleep standing, after all.

"Kokichi, are you hungry?"

He jumped at my sudden question.

"You... haven't eaten all that much since..." I couldn't bring myself to say 'since you changed'.

"N-No, not at all..."

He swayed a bit.

"Whatever you say," I sighed. I knew he wasn't healthy, but I couldn't force him to eat or sleep. He would probably just run away again.

"Okay, well.... feel better soon..." I said.


I turned around and saw him standing there, blushing intensely and stretched his arm out to me.

"W-Would y-you.... stay with m-me..?"

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