Chapter 11 - Sam's House

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"Thank you Sam for letting us stay, it was really nice of  you, it wont be long i promise" i told her, she waved her hand in front of her face as if swatting a fly.

"no no, its no bother stay as long as you need" she said smiling. As i talked to Sam Dean went up to his bedroom to put our stuff that was saved from the fire away, i was sitting with Hunter who was smiling away, by how alert they all are you wouldn't think they were only 2 months old.

Annabelle wearing her beautiful little pink dress and Mia had her little red jeans on and a flowery top, Hunter had his little dungarees on. They all looked beautiful. 

"You have done well looking after all three of them, even with what Dean has done" Chloe said to me after a while. 

"Thank you, he has been a big help, and am glad i have him" i told her. 

"He has always been very kind to other people, even when he was just a child" she said smiling i could see in her eyes that she was recalling memories from the past.

"Dean could you come help me please" i shouted up to dean, he soon came done and helped me carry all the babies up till we got to his room and i put some music on and took Hunter out of his carrier and danced with him, he smiled. I tried not to pull his oxygen tank around to much, he should be off that in another week or 2.




"Dean i want our own place" i told him as we lay in bed after getting the mosses baskets up. 

"I know you do but we need to wait till we can find one going cheap" he told me, i sighed.

"i just feel so fed up, i cant help but think im a bad mum for letting this happen to us" i told him, a few tears running down my face

"you could never be a bad mother Tori, you have done everything or these babies, we will make it through this" he said, i nodded in agreement.

"lets sleep now honey" he said, i nodded and kissed him once more before drifting off to sleep. 



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