chapter 4 - Panic

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Looking into the mirror i was huge but only 6 months pregnant, i couldn't believe how big i have gotten in such a short time. 

"Dean, are you awake?" I whispered after hearing him talk in his sleep, he turned over and i smiled, he was so grumpy in the morning.

It was around 5 in the morning and Dean would get up for work in an hour, i couldn't sleep as this uncomfortable feeling settled on my stomach, i decided to get up and go make some breakfast, i fancied some eggs and bacon today. 

Today i was going shopping to get some food in and a few more baby toys from ASDA. I made a pot of coffee for Dean walking up. He soon came down with a small smile on his face. 

"Here you are Hun" I smiled whilst passing him some coffee then kissed his head as he left the house for work, we haven't talked much in the last 2 weeks. 

Once he left i went upstairs to have a shower and get ready. 

I took out a pair of my maternity jeans and a flowery t-shirt, i couldn't wait to get out of the house, i felt so stuffed up here.

I left the house with my make up on and my hair curled. On the bus i was talking to this really nice old lady she had pretty big blue eyes that looked at you as if a grandmother would.

"How many weeks are you?" she asked, i couldn't help but to smile at her. 

"About 26 weeks" i said with a smile while rubbing my stomach. 

"What you having?" 

"2 girls and 1 boy, triplets" i said grinning.

"This is my stop, good luck to you miss" she said before standing up and getting off the bus.

I got to ASDA and started at the milk, once i got to the frozen bit i felt a pain in my stomach, It felt really uncomfortable.  

"Ow" i said leaning on the trolley for support. 

"Are you okay miss?" someone said from behind, i nodded as the pain disappeared. 

"Am alright thank you" i smiled at the teenager behind me, He was about the same age as me, very handsome.

"Are you in labor?" he asked looking me up and down with worry. 

"No to early" i said, but before i could smile the pain was back, he held me up as i nearly fell to my knees.

"Mum!" he shouted, i heard someone running over and an extra pair of hands gripped my waist gently.

"Its to early for labor, it would just be my babies moving" i said to the woman, i tried to smile but the pain was still there.

"Its alright, am a midwife. My name is Sandra whats yours?" she said. I knew she was trying to keep me calm which really wasn't working because i was to early to have my babies. 

"Victoria Cart" i said, i felt another shooting pain and clutched my stomach, what was happening it wasn't time yet. 

"How many weeks are you Victoria?" she asked, i looked to her son who was trying to stay calm as he held my hand, i smiled at him. 

"26 weeks" i said through gritting teeth. 

"Am going to call an ambulance alright, I'll be over there" I looked were she pointed, near the burgers. Her son stayed with me.

"What you going to call them?" he asked after a few seconds, I looked up smiling at him.

"Hunter for the boy, Mia for one of the girls and Annabelle" I said feeling pain in my stomach again, "Ahh" i shouted, Sandra walked over. I was now attracting attention from the other costumers. 

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