Chapter 10 - The fire starter

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It had been a few weeks since the fire, we were all home safe and sound. Dean had to get check ups but other than that he was also healthy. Since our house had burned down, we couldn't live in it we are now staying with Deans sister and her husband and toddler which was a nightmare, she kept telling me how to look after my own children.

Dean was constantly fighting with June's husband David which made the kids cry so i had to look after them while Dean stormed out. 

"We don't need you" i heard Dean shout, i rolled my eyes and tended to the screaming toddler names Jason, he had light brown hair and brown eyes, he was going to be a heart breaker when her older. I could tell.

"Then take your family and go, no wait they aren't yours so you just leave" i heard David yell. 

I didn't hear anyone say anything after that, Dean ran out and slammed the door as i walked into the hall and glared at David. 

"Sorry about that again" June said to me, i gave her a little smile. 

"Dean is the only father my children know and will need and according to them he is their daddy" i said in a calm voice, June nodded and walked out.

"I'm sorry Tori, i got angry" David told me, i put my hand up to silence him. 

"Just look after the kids while i find Dean" i told him, he nodded and slide past me and into the well decorated living room. I Closed the door beside me and headed for the one place i know he would be, the park. 

I walked around for a while trying to make sure Dean was calm before i approached. I heard a strange grunting noise before walking round the corner to fine my dad holding Dean by the neck, Panic spread through me like a virus. 

"You leave my daughter if you know whats best for you" my dad growled, i ran with fire running through my veins. 

"Dad let him go!" i shout as i grabbed his shoulder and got him off Dean. 

"He is not the man for you Victoria" my dad said calmly, there was anger in his eyes but he was trying to be calm, "come home please honey, i miss you and i want to be around my grandchildren as they grow up" my dad said with pleading hands. 

"He is the one for me, hes not the one that send me away when i got pregnant, he was the one that accepted me the way i was, and has been there for the kids, just tell me one thing did you sat fire to our house?" i asked, i stood my ground. 

"Yes, i did it for you my sweet" he said. I put my hand up to silence him, i turned to Dean. 

"Go home baby, i'll be there soon" i told him while nudging him along, he kissed my cheek and headed back, always glancing back to make sure i was alright. 

"Now look here dad, you will never come near my children again, you will never go near Dean again or i will kill you, you got that" i went right up in his face when i said this, if am honest am completely terrified but i am keeping strong for the girls and Hunter. 

He sighed and nodded, "fine, if that's what you want" he said, he turned on his heal and headed down the street, i sighed and fell to my knees. I'm never going to see my dad again. 

I walked back to the house after a few minutes, when i opened the door Dean ran up to me and wrapped his arms around me. 

"He did it, he nearly killed all of us in that fire" i cried. 

Dean pulled me onto the couch and cradled me in his arms. 

"Its okay, we will live through this baby" he whispered in my ear, "i was thinking, my mum doesn't live that far away we can go live with her till we get our own place?" he asked, i nodded and cried into his shoulder. 



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