Chapter 21 - Hunting

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It has been 2 days since i lost my baby girl, and there hasn't been any scents indicating who she was kidnapped by, they must have masked it.

"Tori we will find her i promise, i wont stop until i do" Toby had said that day, i wasn't listening to most of what he said i was just focused on finding my pup, and so was Elizabeth she would kill anyone to get to her pup and i agreed with her.

I wasn't a violent person unless they threaten my pups or take one of them, we have spoken to everyone in the town i stayed in and even text Dean but he hasn't seen her and was extremely worried about her safety, Toby didn't want anybody helping to find Mia but i didn't care who helped as long as i had my baby safe and sound in her own bed.

where are you little Mia? come home please baby.....



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