Chapter 29 - Christmas special

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*The christmas special is here 2015!!!*

Flashback - Victoria 15 years old.

Holly, my best friend is the most beautiful girl in school, everyone wants her, everyone wants to be her.

I looked over at the beautiful long blonde hair, her bright green eyes looking at the group of human boys in front of us in the mall, a brown eyed boy keeps looking over at us and smiling.

"I think that one is checking you out Tor" my best friend giggled in my ear, i wasn't interested in these boys, don't get me wrong they were good looking but they just wasn't what i was looking for, i was trying to wait for my mate.

"I doubt it, they are probably looking at you hols, your gorgeous" i smiled at her, she smiled back and pushed me a little while drinking her coffee.

I noticed one of the guys walking up to us, he stood beside me but kept looking at Holly.

"Whats your name?" he asked me, i looked up into his brown eyes.

"Victoria whats your name?" i asked back, he gave me a little smile.

"Deccan, your really cute you know that" he said, but he glanced at Holly trying to make it look as if he didn't but i caught it.

"Em, thanks but your not so cute yourself, and FYI when your trying to hit on me try not looking at my best friend" i said blankly, he looked at me shocked before i stood up and took Holly's hand and walked away.

"Hey they were cute" she whined, i rolled my eyes at my boy crazy best friend.

When we got home we had bought everything we needed for a house party, one of our friends had invited us so we had to go and get some outfits, i bought a a pinky purple pencil skirt and a short black top with lase.

I have to get changed at Holly's because if my dad sees me wearing this he would kill me.

Later that night: 

Make up on point and outfits on, time to leave!!!

"What are you doing here?" Declan snarled, I rolled my eyes.

"I was invited asshole" I snapped, he started to laugh.

"Listen here doll, it was your friend that was invited why would we invite an ugly girl like you into my house" he laughed, I felt something hit my heart as if what he has said really did affect me.

"Actually my friend invited me here, I don't care what you think" I said before turning away back to my friend James.

"What a jack-ass" James snapped, I smirked at him before downing my drink, vodka and Coke.

Past 12 o'clock.

I was dancing around the living room at the party with a boy grinding on me, I was far to drunk to know who it was.

"Do you want to come upstairs?" The voice asked, I turned round to fine it was Declan and I sobered up like that.

"What do you think you are doing?" I shouted at him, I pushed him away but he smirked and tried pulling me up the stairs.

"Get off" I shouted.

"The lady said something" a husky voice said behind me, I looked around and felt so relieved when I saw my alpha standing there, he must have heard me through the mind link.

"Stay out of this old man" Declan snapped, I was still pulling at his arm but for some reason the alcohol had made me weak and it doesn't help that I haven't shifted yet.

"Let her go" he shouted, his voice full of power, Declan dropped my arm and walked away.

I sighed and walked towards my alpha.

"Please don't tell my dad" I begged, he smiled at me and took my hand.

"I promise"



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