Chapter 22 - Pack House

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It has been a few more days since i lost my child and i'm starting to think the worst, like any mother would. I have kept Annabelle and Hunter in the same room as me or Toby every second of the day even if we had to go to the toilet they would come with us because i wasn't taking any chances this time.

Toby has been searching high and low for our baby and so had Dean an every body else. I was surprised when Dean said he would help to look, after what happened with us but Mia was like a daughter to him. 

I woke up in the morning to find Toby gone and the babies gone, i listened and heard they were down stairs. i started making my way to the toilet to shower, as soon as the hot water hit me i felt more relaxed than i do when i'm sleeping.

As i finished drying myself off i heard Toby shout on me, i ran down stairs to find him standing at the door with a note in his hands.

"Whats wrong? who's it from?" i asked, my eyes searching his face for any clues.

"Its from the person who took Mia" was all he said before i snatched the note away and started reading.

Mia wont get hurt unless you don't do as your told little Alpha, i would like you to give up your mate or i may take more of your children. Got it my dear Alpha, shes mine!.

I could feel my heart racing and i was breathing heavy, i looked up with my teary eyes and saw pain flash across Toby's face, i dropped the note and hugged him, i looked down to my babies and said something that i didn't want to say.

"Maybe we should do what he says?" i looked up to meet his eyes, they were fighting against his wolf.

"I will not leave you ever you are mine not this psychopaths, we will find Mia and he wont take anymore of our children, not ever" he said in union with his wolf, which was a gift he had inherited from his grandfather.

I nodded " yes i know but it will only be for the time being until we find Mia and kill this man, Toby you go back to the pack house and we will stay here" i said, i regretted it as soon as it came out my mouth because i was pushed up against the wall with a lot of force i banged my head, i felt dizzy for a moment but i could see the anger in Toby's face.

"You will be with me the whole time, never out my sight, you will come with me to the pack house and we will protect our children together" he used his alpha tone, i didn't really mind because this is what i wanted to do more than the other plan but what if this makes it worse and some how the man takes more of my babies?.

"alright, we can go pack now" i said before picking up Hunter and took Annabelle's hand and took them upstairs, i felt Toby follow us but i didn't fight him, i had no strength left to fight, i wanted my baby back.

- at the pack house-

We have just arrived and people are looking at me funny, they were looking between me and my kids and Toby, i think something clicked in there heads when there shocked expressions filled my eyes as we walked through the pack house to our room.

"Toby, i'm going to get the children ready for bed, why don't you go and inform your dad that your home?" i asked, i looked at the floor when i said this, ever since i lost Mia i couldn't look him in the eyes very long, she just looks so much like him, they all do.

"I'm not leaving you alone, i told you this Victoria" he said in a hard voice, i sighed and started unpacking the children's pj's. I went into the bathroom and started filling up the bath, as that was filling i took out their toothbrushes and shampoo and took them through to the toilet to take a bath.

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