Chapter 8 - Fire

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My eyes widened at the horror on Deans face when he told me there was a fire. 

"Get the kids out of here" I told him with a shaky voice, I jumped out of bed but was cot in a cloud of smock, I started chocking  from not been able to breath. I grabbed Mia gently and pulled her up into my hunched over shoulders from me kneeling on the ground, I grabbed my jumper that was near by and wrapped it around her, covering her little face, but not to much that she couldn't breath.

I did the same with Annabelle as dean got hunter, after a few minutes of trying to find a way of escaping but it was hopeless . Dean covered the bottom of the door with a blanket to stop more smoke getting in, he even opened the window in hope it will save our lives. 

We were all huddled on the ground as low as we can be but the smoke was getting thicker and I could hardly breath, I know the girls were alright because they were making little sounds but I couldn't hear Hunter, I couldn't lose him after all that we have been through.

"Hunter's fine, we are all going to get out of this" I heard Dean say, I heard something smash and I figured it was the fire bagged.

"Is everyone alright in there!" Someone shouted, I was chocking now badly and I was trying not to but my eyes were starting to shut and before they closed I heard the Cry's of my children.



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