chapter 1 - The Begining

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"Mummy" Hunter shouted from up in his room, I smiled at his little voice. 

"get your sisters hunny its nearly time for your party" I shouted back. Hunter, Mia and Annabelle are my life, it was just 4 years ago today i gave birth to all three, yes you heard it i had triplets. It was the hardest thing i could ever do but i didn't do it alone, i had Dean Parker to help. He may not be the kids father but he was a better one than their real father ever was. 

"hurry up girls and Hunter" i shouted up to them, i could hear them talking, "its time to put the dolls away now Mia" i couldn't help but giggle. I took the tray of sandwiches i had in my hand and walked outside to fine our many guests. I placed the try on the table as the children walked out the door and i could hear clapping. 

I turned to see my little angels, more like monsters dressed in dresses apart from Hunter he was in a dark blue shirt that went really well with his dark hair and bright blue eyes. I glanced to my left to see Dean smiling at me, we had never got married and we don't plan on it, i don't feel comfortable with marrying him, i love him yes but i have a mate out there and he told me he doesn't like the idea of getting married. I hope i don't find my mate as i have a perfect little family right here. 

I said hello to Deans mum, we have never really gotten along but she was always there for Me and my children, she didn't like the idea of Dean bringing up children that aren't his. 

*Flashback* 6 years on Victoria's Birthday. 

I put on the last of my make up and looked at myself in the mirror, this is going to be a good night i can feel it, I have a party waiting downstairs for me, most of the pack and a couple of my friends from school. I haven't ever really liked parties but it was my 16th i have to have a party. I went over to my bed and looked down at a beautiful, tight red dress. I slipped in on and straightened myself out a bit before looking in the mirror. My long brown hair reaches the bottom of my back and it came down in waves. My Browney green eyes shining under the slight smokey eye shadow. 

I put on my Black heels and headed down stairs where i can hear the music and people talking, i put a smile on my face as i walked into the room people came up to me and gave me a hug and said happy birthday as i made my way over to my dad who was sitting talking to one of the woman in the pack. 

"oh my baby you look so grown up, happy birthday" he said getting up to kiss me on my cheek,  i Smiled.  

"thank you dad" i smiled, i hair hello to the lady he was talking to and i went to fine my friends, they weren't to hard to find. Talking to a few of the cutest boys in the pack. 

"hey girls" i said walking up to them, they all looked me over and then squealed, i couldn't help but laugh as they all hugged me at once. 

"you never told me you lived next to the cutest boys ever Tori" my friend Melissa giggled. I rolled my eyes and pulled them onto the dance floor. 

When the Alpha entered the room everyone could feel it. It was if someone put there hand on your shoulder, As i was dancing i felt as if i was being watched. I looked round to lock eyes with the Alpha, i instantly bowed my head and looked away. 

"Victoria" he said putting a hand on my waist and pulling me away from the dance floor, i was in shock. The Alpha new my name and was talking to me. 

"yes Alpha did i do something wrong?" i asked, i didn't dare look him in the eyes. 

"yes, you wore that dress out in public" he said in a soft husky voice, i got confused by his comment. 

"sorry alpha i dont know what you mean" i said in a quiet voice. I felt really strange under his gaze, he has never paid me much attention since i was 6 when we used to play in the woods together.

"i mean Victoria that i should be the only one to see you in a dress like that, that hugs your curves far to beautifully". My eyes snapped up at his and i instantly regretted it. I saw lust and want in his eyes, it was all over his face. He placed a hand on my waist and pulled me in a little closer. 

"come with me" he whispered in my ear, i was sure he could scene my want for him. His Blue eyes pierced right into mine as if he was staring at my soul. I nodded and followed him, his hand still tightly around my waist. 

He lead me to his bedroom, i was a little nervous to go into his room". i could feel my hands shake. The alpha stopped beside his bed and let me waist go. 

"do you know why i brought you here?" he asked in a sexy husky voice. I nodded. " Have you ever kissed a boy before Victoria?" he asked, even the way his voice says my name tuns me on, i could feel myself getting wet in my new pants.

I shock my head at his question, he put his hand in mine as he pulled my towards him. 

"do you want me? i want you Victoria" he asked, i can feel my knees buckling under me as i get  turned on more. I nodded. 

"say it, say you want me Victoria" he said with a smirk as his lips brushed against mine for a second, my breathing was uneven. 

" i want you Alpha" i whispered. 

"say my name" he said kissing my neck, i let out  moan. 

"Toby" i moaned his name as his hand was traveling round my body, unzipping my dress and letting it fall to the floor, i went to cover myself but his hands stopped me. I looked into his blue eyes.

"do not hide, you are beautiful" he said to me. He picked my up from the floor and walked round to his bed and laid me down. 

*2 years later* 

"your pregnant" the doctor confirmed it, i was in fact pregnant! 

"what are my options?" i asked, i was freaking out right now. 

"you can keep it or you can have an abortion, its up to you" she said, i felt my whole world crumbling down. What do i do?  I cant tell Toby. 



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