Other Dimensions part 3

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"Focus on the task ahead. Don't go back for anyone, save yourself," the Male voice echoing through the room with around 20 rebels. Chase was amongst them, standing in the line. Mel was there as well, not standing in the line but behind the man who's yelling.
They're preparing for yet another mission, all dangers included.

Chase and Mel didn't talk about their conversation. It was a moment that stayed a moment, like it's frozen in time and the moment only exist in the moment self. No after. No going back, just that one moment. And that's it, the conversation is over. What did happen were the eye glances, just quick locks of their eyes, saying the word spoken in that moment.

Saider and Rube were standing right alongside Chase as the instructions were given. They all had guns, and knives, ready to attack yet another base of the government. Chase started to feel more and more hopeless as they were making so little progress. Just the thought of those idiots invading his planet, taking his family prisoner, it made him sick. He didn't listen to the man anymore, just the basic drill he had heard a thousand times over the past few months. That's right, months. He had been on this earth for about four months now. Without any progress.
He looked around the room, nothing in it except for the people. To his left was Saider, Rube standing on Saider his left. On Chase's right there was a girl he believed to go by the name of Lydia. She was a pretty brunette, dark brown eyes and some scars on her jawline. Chase looked away when he caught himself staring at her, he looked away only to meet Mel's eyes, who hurriedly looked away when Chase noticed her.
"Understood?" The guy yelled and the group yelled something like a yes back.
They made their way to the vehicles, loading in the back of the trucks. Six in each. Saider and Rube went in the second as Chase climbed in the third, seeing as the second was full when Rube got in. The third was also full when Chase entered, there were a few faces he did not recognize but also some he did know. Mel and Lydia were there, Mel in the very left corner and Lydia right in front of Chase, knees almost touching due to the small space they were in. Chase could feel Mel's eyes on them and it certainly didn't get any better when Lydia started talking. "So, have you gotten used already?" Chase felt a pang in his heart as he thought back to the conversation he had had with Mel. "It's okay," he decided on answering shortly. He swore he could see Mel smirk. "You must miss them so much, your family I mean," that was not quite the thing he expected her to say. And he most certainly did not know how to answer, which is why he didn't. Lydia just kept on looking at him as he opened his mouth before closing it again. "Lydia, how is your brother?" Mel interrupted their conversation, Chase sent her a thanking smile. She knew how hard the subject was for him. "Oh he's fine, just a concussion it'll be over soon," Lydia seemed rather annoyed at Mel's sudden intervention. "Good, we need to be quiete now if we want to go unnoticed," Mel ordered and took away Lydia's possibility at bringing the conversation back up. Again, Chase was thankful.

The motor of the van stopped, it was completely dark in the back. The plan was easy: drive the vans right in front of the base, stop at the security point and if they want to search the back, attack.

They heard faint voices outside, no one moved inside the van, hoping they wouldn't search the back. But, of course they didn't have such luck. The door opened amd let in a small stripe of lights. 2 more seconds of peace before hell broke loose. Guns were fired on both sides, Chase couldn't see if they hit their target. He could only focus on the control panel right in front of him. For a split second his fingers were grazing over the buttons before he started pressing them wildly. Some differently colored lights flashed on the multiple screens before they all turned green, he was in their system. A quick look around showed that the rest of the rebels weren't so successful. They were definently losing, and fast. But the plan wasn't to take over, just to take information. The spies they had couldn't get to the more classified information hidden behind the security walls of a computer. But this didn't stop the smartest man alive, he ejected the flash driver in his finger and stuck it into the computer. He downloaded all the data before removing his finger from the technology. He turned around just in time to see a guy charging at him. He hit Chase straight in his jaw and Chase pulled out his laser bow, it wasn't a long fight of course. Chase kicked his arse. But as he sent the guy flying, he felt a pain start in his side and man did that hurt. He looked down to see blood coming from the wound as a knife stood in his flesh. The man who had put it there smirked as if he had won the lottery, Chase simply used his laser bow to sent him some sparks.

"Retreat! Retreat!" He heard the rebels yell. Everyone who could, made their way back. Chase ran to the vehicles, not looking back nor down at his wound. The running quickly turned into stumbling as he clutched his side feeling incredibly dizzy. Once he made it out the gates and next to the truck he pulled himself into the vehicle. He couldn't pull himself together anymore as the bloodloss took the upper hand and he slumped down on the ground, not being able to take a seat like the rest. There's was blood on his face as well, when the guy punched him he must've hit his nose. He could taste it.

"Hey! This guy is down!" He heard someone yell.

"Who is it?" Someone else Chase couldn't identify.

"I don't know, I can't see his face properly since there's blood everywhere." Damn it's worse than Chase thought, or at least hoped.

The trucks arrived and the rebels were counting man, the last truck still had to come and they knew there were five people inside, which means they lost a total of six rebels during the mission. It was awful but everyone knew the risks. You can't fight a war without casualties. Mel saw the last truck arrive as she looked for people she was missing, her eye fell on Rube and Saider standing quietly next to each other. She didn't she the brown haired genius anywhere near them. She walked over to the van as it parked in its spot, out of the corner of her eye she could see Saider do the same. The doors opened as she immediately heard yelling.

"He needs a medic!"

"Bring him to the hospital!"

"No, we don't know who it is."

But she recognized him, having secretly observed him from the shadows. This was Chase. Saider stretched his arm as well as Rube who had joined him by the van. The carried him out and placed him on a hospital bed running towards the hospital. Mel didn't see what injury he suffered but she did see the blood covering his clothes, face and the floor of the van.

"Does anyone know who he is?" She heard someone yell as everyone kept quiet.

"I do," her voice was low and she was surprised someone had heard it.

"Well, who is he?" All eyes were on her now.

"Chase. Chase Davenport."

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