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Nathalie POV

"And that's why you should never mix those two," Chase explains, honestly I'm not at all listening. Just.... looking, at him. "Uhm, Nat?" He asks slightly worried. "Huh?" I respond. "Are you okay? You seem somewhere lese with your mind." I nod. "Just admiring my boyfriend." God I'm so glad to call him my boyfriend. A smile makes his way to his face. "Your smile is cute, you are cute," I flirt. "Am not," he says while his cheeks turn bright red. "Are."

"You are the definition of cute," he flirts back. My turn to look like a tomato. I shyly look away from his eyes. "And you're even cuter when you blush." I shake my head.

"I'm not blushing!" I defend myself. 

"Really? 'Cause your cheeks just turned red."

"That's not true!" I defend.
"Sure it's not. Do you need me to get you a mirror? Or will you just believe me on my word?"
"Fine! Yes I am blushing! Happy now?"
"Very, very much," he says car fully pressing his lips to mine in a sweet kiss. I instantly kiss him back. It soon turns a little heated. His lips travel their way down to my neck, kissing every spot, until he finds my sweet one. He starts to suck it a little while some curse words leave my mouth.
"Language," he says pausing his kissing to whisper it against my skin. I groan in return and feel him smirk against my skin.
"Okay everyone! Bed time!" Mr Davenport's voice echoes in the room.
"Chase, the rest is coming soon now," I whisper. They share a room together while I sleep with the other students on the isle.
"Mmm... okay," he says placing one last kiss on my lips before letting me out.

Next morning

Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit.
I have a hikey covering my neck. God what if someone sees this?! I have training today. How am I gonna hide this?
"Nathalie? You in here?" I hear Bree's voice coming closer. Bree and I have been really good friends from the start.
"Here you are!" She says once she sees me standing in front of the mirror. "H-hey," I stutter.
"Are you okay? What are you covering?"
"N - nothing! " I say more like a question. She quickly removes my hand from my neck, revealing the hikey.
"OH MY GOD!" She yells. "Did Chase do that?!"
"Who else Bree? Of course it was Chase!" I say slightly annoyed. A smile is covering her face now.
"You're screwed."
"I know."

Let's just say I wore a hoody all day long while it was 20 degrees.

Okay I really don't know what this is supposed to be and I'm sorry it's so extremely short but I need requests to continue.


Bye peeps xxx

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